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    KYC / AML Questionaire. What's the least complete info I can give them?

    I've had a holding at a brokerage for over 10 years go under review. Probably due to inactivity. They're asking for 'My employer' and want to know why I'm connecting from a country that doesn't match my mailing address. I'm living in another country, working 2 part time jobs, running my own...
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    I need a crypto-exit plan.

    I don't suggest avoiding tax but I totally, totally understand the waking nightmare that is accounting paperwork. I suggest: - don't cash out yet. Look into stablecoins, even if they are a bit risky - get an accountant to help you simplify everything - have a look at TaxBit: The #1...
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    Subsideries and liquidation/bankruptcy

    It seems when a company you work with goes bust, the subsidiaries of that company go with it too. This is important, and not something I think people take seriously. In the case of this company: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_House_Crowd#Risk_and_regulation .... the company was structured...
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