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    Advice regards old Cyprus LTD

    Hi Thanks for your reply CyprusLaw , No nomies, director just a secretary and correct not paid anything at all. no activity at all in the company. Yes please you can PM me
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    Advice regards old Cyprus LTD

    Hi. I need some advice. A couple of years ago I had a Cyprus company, and I just left it as did not care. There was a reason for it but that's another story about a scammy offshore company. So I just checked the first time today in like 2/3 years and the company is still active when I check...
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    Need help for my Adult dating business ( Offshore company + bank account + card Payment processing)

    Agree many EMI sucks and not want dating or anything adult but as I mention bitsafe is for adult and dating so will never have issue for that reason
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    Need help for my Adult dating business ( Offshore company + bank account + card Payment processing)

    You dont need any bank and most won't accept adult or even dating at all. I run a adult dating network and have it all set up but yes I use UK company so my name show. Get cardbiller, flat rate 5% and their new service bitsafe.com, its like a e-wallet but safer then all others like...
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    renew company not show update?

    So wonder if someone can tell me when renewing a company would that show in the government page where you can search company information? I can't see any updates that been done. It show an old date but we did update a few months ago so would not that be the last date? it does say: No pending...
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    Where can I see status of my Cyprus company?

    I looking for some goverment site or some way were I can check my company t see status like when it was registered, time to renew, etc etc, I can easy find this kind of ifo for eg UK company but were for Cyprus?
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    looking for a good company to set up offshorecorps

    Yes and also possible set up company in Seychelles,
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    looking for a good company to set up offshorecorps

    So as my old agent sucks bad time(soon coming with full review) I look for some serious company that can handle also accounting part. We have several whitelabe partners in our business and more every day and many need get offshore company setup in Cyprus and other place so please any...
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    Need good accounting Cyprus

    Hi, ok great thank you so much. both of you
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    Anyone used TurnerLittle?

    Any updates on your setup proples? I also looking for agent that do their job as they should and get paid for
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    Need good accounting Cyprus

    So I looking for accounting firm in Cyprus to take care of my companies. Google show a bunch but like to hear some recommendations from members here .
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    Cypress offshore for adult dating site, cyprus bank account necessary?

    autric I just asked my account manager at CCbill and Leupay is nothing they send to, well what he know about at least. CCbill send money to any bank you want them to and no need to be in company name. Uk banks I cant answer for but I assume any bank in Euro, US and others will ask were they...
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    Cyprus formation agents

    I agree with auric, I used offshorecoregroup and got great support during setup and still get great support after so will soon use again.
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    Any bank that will allow adult dating?

    This I wonder also hehe. I asked same question in a adult forum a while back and no replay.
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    p.a.y.o.n.e.e.r reporting

    Hehe auric Im on that forum as well, Payaza I have but acctually not tested so need to have a look again. Also their is Paxum but many times I see posts in forums that their support sucks most times and funds get on hold etc. Payoneer so far been very good support, fast replay on my questions...
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    p.a.y.o.n.e.e.r reporting

    Hi Yes I look for alternative as always good to have other options.
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