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  1. pesto

    NFT wallet which one?

    I just saw on television about NFT https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/nft/ What wallet is good for this which exchange can handle it? Finally what is their official website?
  2. pesto

    Jurisdiction with a tax treaty with Portugal, but dividends exempt from taxation

    Wonder if this works well with a Georgia or Malta company, will be following this thread.
  3. pesto

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    was through the same process for some time back, lot's of waste of time!
  4. pesto

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    I read this and the real guide in the mentor group, both well written, the full version in the MG shows how difficult it can be to setup such a structure as you did but explains with names and details how to do it. Kudos to the OCT team thu&¤#
  5. pesto

    Important! We are happy to announce extending our team of Moderators!

    congratulations on the new title and status, Im sure this will be a better forum.
  6. pesto

    Can you predict the next jump on Etherum?

    So game over for a 2k USD ether ?
  7. pesto

    What's savest EMI for 20K SEPA transfers without blocking?

    What EMI did you find for your project OP ?
  8. pesto


    I agree with the gentlemen I had no issues with this bank, you may have some shady business or hidden agenda OP!
  9. pesto

    After registering UK Ltd my mobile phone get 10 - 20 spam calls a day!!!

    yeah but they call the shit out of you, I got my phone number changed to a prepaid sim which I never use anyway. That solved my problem.
  10. pesto

    Seeking reputable offshore company.

    some suggestions would help us a lot ;)
  11. pesto

    I need a UK company formation agent or Someone that accepts BTC for non-resident

    You can try @James Turner and turner little I believe they accept crypto for payments!
  12. pesto

    Swiss GmBH in Zug + address + resident director

    @lory did you get your setup already, I want to know if this is going as a smooth process?
  13. pesto

    Wyoming, Delaware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

    guess it requires a good lawyer to deal with the setup!
  14. pesto

    Can you predict the next jump on Etherum?

    I want to know if someone of you can predict if Ethereum will rise again to 2K in the near (very near) future?
  15. pesto

    Is this real? Exodus asset vulnerable

    I keep getting this email: The email address is this one: [email protected] Is this a Phishing mail?
  16. pesto

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    isn't it like with most other jurisdictions the costs depend on the number of transactions per year?
  17. pesto

    Question Cheapest way to set up an offshore account

    what you need to do is to wait. Your are not eligible for any offshore account with a few thousands in net income. Why would you waste your time and money at alldoh948"" you can barely pay for your stay on the island!
  18. pesto

    Offshore Banks Accepting Americans

    where is that possible you mean?
  19. pesto

    I need a Swiss GmBH in Lugano or Zug, who can help?

    How did you know about insurance and where do you find the apartments to rent or buy?
  20. pesto

    Cyprus Resident Dividends - need a bank

    You want to check with TransferWise, I think they can accept a BVI company and would not ask that many questions depending on the amount. Make sure to have invoices for all transactions.
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