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  1. blueweb

    Does someone know ?

    I want to signup for this Russian service Electronic currencies exchanger which can exchange almost everything as I need. Does someone know about this service or has used it before? Any input is much appreciated.
  2. blueweb

    ePayments may have a hidden agenda, be warned.

    Bullshit or not epayment sucks! In my own experience I have found that they decline any type of business now I wonder whydead:-!
  3. blueweb

    Looking for Sweepstakes Merchant (+500k volume)

    now I'm curious, what are "sweepstakes" ?
  4. blueweb

    I - Account EMI

    They have run with your money that is obvious by now and you are right.
  5. blueweb

    Now 100,000 post on OffshoreCorpTalk !

    Congrats with the result. I whish you all the bets and see you again when you break the 200K mark.
  6. blueweb

    Interesting news - WireCard suspect accounting practives revealed!

    Ouchdoh948"" it's a shame I had a lot of trust in WireCard in the past and they managed all my needs professional damn..!!
  7. blueweb

    ePayments may have a hidden agenda, be warned.

    ePayments sucks big times. Would not touch them ever again. Declined 2 different applications from me, everything was clean. I don't believe this is a valid service.
  8. blueweb

    The list of non CRS countries 2019 - 2020

    I totally agree with that. We need to differ between OECD and CRS !
  9. blueweb

    Looking for loyal PSPs

    Oh my some people are lazy and don't even scroll down a webpage!
  10. blueweb

    Other reliable bank account like Fidor bank same ease to open?

    No it seems they don't accept NON EU citizen so forget about it unless you live within the EU.
  11. blueweb

    TransferWise and PayPal does not work.

    Looks like you will have to be patient and age the account. Now I'm able to withdraw 150 GBP with only a little waiting time (10 - 30 minutes) that was 3 days before. So it seem to be good news. @WoWNull your posting is like you tumbling around in all of it and don't have any connections at...
  12. blueweb

    TransferWise and PayPal does not work.

    For what service you applied for Debit card?
  13. blueweb

    TransferWise and PayPal does not work.

    they have still limited my account even I have lfited the account with Revolut and TransferWise GBP account and TW confirmed the account will work with PayPal for direct debit. Strange thing. Is there any EMI account you know about that will work with PayPal without the limits? I can still only...
  14. blueweb

    Other reliable bank account like Fidor bank same ease to open?

    I wonder if there are other online banks that have the same easy way to open bank accounts like Fidor Bank has but open business accounts for foreign companies? Fidor bank only accept German companies for business accounts but EU citizens can open a personal account. I need some alternative...
  15. blueweb

    Open bank account 100% online?

    You want to have a look at the list @Sols already linked to there you find lots of EMI's providing exact this service. Look at AdvCash and ePayments.
  16. blueweb

    Belarus, Armenia or Kazakhstan bank account

    If you get a clue about what banks he think of please PM me or post here cof%¤#
  17. blueweb

    Atlantico Bank Namibia

    This sounds somehow like FUN for you. I don't know if you would trust a bank in Namibia :D
  18. blueweb

    Here is my interlink for Zenus Bank, thank you.

    You can call your operation whatever you want in Puerto Rico it seems.
  19. blueweb

    Which bank account to open from below?

    This looks like the only legit bank from your list!
  20. blueweb

    Is Estonian company via e-Residency worth it?

    You have to sign this PoA and get all done remote if you don't want to travel there. It requires notarizing and apostille and you need to send the original notarized docs to your agent there!