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  1. rowena

    Seychelles Not File Annual Return

    Hello, I have a Seychelles IBC with EMI and 300k EUR yearly turnover. It looks like filling annual return is mandatory and I need to pay my agency for this also extra paperwork etc.. I don't want to spend time and money on this. What will happen if I told them I had zero turnover and not fill...
  2. rowena

    Best Offshore Setup for Zero-Tax Resident

    Hello Guys, I am in the mobile application business and receive money from only Apple or Google). I have UAE IBC and Seychelles IBC company setup with EMI accounts also I am UAE zero income tax resident. This setup is going well(total $1.5m yearly turnover) but I will expand my business and I...
  3. rowena

    To-Do List to Avoid CRS

    I had a non-resident bank account in UAE(CRS reportable). I got UAE residency last month and I changed those: - I converted my non-resident accounts to resident account by using my emirates id. - I changed my address to a local address in the bank system(Real docs, I have a property in UAE). -...
  4. rowena

    Not-Renewed Company License and EMI Account

    Hello, I have a company account at some EMI and monthly turnover of that company is around $20k. I need to renew the license of the company next month but I am planning not to renew and close it because renew cost is high($4k). EMI and companies country are different. I will continue to use EMI...
  5. rowena

    Best EMI for Seychelles

    Hello, I just formed a legal Seychelles company. Which EMI can you recommend for Seychelles IBC ?
  6. rowena

    LeuPay Rejecting Legal, Transparent Businesses

    Hello, I applied for LeuPay business account for my company which is UAE based company. I sent them all required documents and business plan also I completed video verification but today they wrote this: Dear Sirs, By this e-mail we inform you on the immediate suspension of the LeuPay Service...
  7. rowena

    Which EMI or Bank for Legitimate Offshore Company ?

    Hello, I have UAE residency(0% income tax) and I opened RAK ICC offshore company at last week but unfortunately opening a bank account for my offshore company with UAE banks is very very hard because of that I am looking for a solution. - My business and company are 100% legitimate - no darks...
  8. rowena

    Which Company Type for Transferwise Business Account?

    Hello, I want to set up company which will work with TransferWise business account. Can you suggest me best way to this ? Which company setup ? Best
  9. rowena

    Offshore Company Setup for Monthly $40k Mobile App Revenue

    Hello, I am non-eu and non-us resident and interested in setup offshore company. I am individual mobile application developer and I have income from directly Apple USA which approximately $40k per month. I am using Payoneer for my payments but I am not too much comfortable with them. I lived in...