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  1. kilor

    How long you need to Stake a coin to double it?

    How long would it take to stake a cryptocurrency to double it? Let's say I had 10K to invest and want to stake it with either Kraken, Binance or other - how long would I need to do that to get 20K out of it? What is the risk?
  2. G

    Can I use Bankera personal account to do deposits and withdrawals to and from Binance cryptoexchange?

    Hi, like in the title, can I use Bankera personal account to make deposits and withdrawals to and from Binance? Not P2P, just normal deposits and withdrawals. Or will I be forced to open business account? I plan to use SWIFT transfers and maybe FX conversion, so they will "get" something. I am...
  3. J

    Moving funds from crypto CEX to UAE bank..cheaper, safe and legit alternatives to my current system?

    Mmm just a quick Q following another thread I just read here. I am a Dubai tax resident and live in Dubai more than 183 days a year. So far my route for sending funds to my UAE bank has been: 1) withdraw EUR from Kraken to EU bank 2) send EUR from EU bank to Wise 3) convert EUR to AED on Wise...
  4. bandulu warrior

    Looking for OTC P2P GBP to USDT business partner for 50 -100k USDT Daily +1.5% Fee With Binance P2P Escrow

    Hey all Due to banking issues I am looking to partner up with someone to provide my client on average 50 - 100K of USDT daily. I have been doing business with them for 5 years and I don't want to loose them and hold up there business due to issues my end so I am happy to partner up to...
  5. T

    Binance P2P disqualification (How to get it back)??

    Hello, We have been a merchant on Binance for several months, but a few days ago our merchant account was closed, when we contact the support, they told us that it was due to a violation of the terms and this decision is final. Is there any way to get our merchant back? If anyone can help we...
  6. OffshoreMonero

    The Binance Bounce

    "The Binance Bounce" in action. SAFU?
  7. E

    BVI company - Bank account to transfer to Binance and other crypto exchanges.

    I have a BVI company with a Wise bank account. I intend to use it for a P2P merchant business on a crypto exchange. Unfortunately, Wise does not support transfers to crypto exchanges. Please recommend a bank that will allow me to accept international payments (USD) with a high monthly limit...
  8. D

    Offshore Business Country Recommendation

    Hi, I am trying to form an offshore company for my main business in South Korea, which is dealing with NFT, metaverse, and cryptocurrency. The business in Korea have already minted(made) a token(cryptocurrency), and I just need an offshore company to notify the Korean government that the token...
  9. OffshoreMonero

    Binance XMR insolvency indicator rising

    It's an open secret that Binance sells Monero that they don't even have. When you try to withdraw it you frequently get "down for maintenance" messages. If you do a quick search you will see tons of people yelling about it over the past few years. Sometimes they halt withdrawals for weeks on...
  10. Martin Everson

    Binance gets financial services permission from Abu Dhabi Global Market

    https://www.arabianbusiness.com/industries/banking-finance/binance-gets-financial-services-permission-from-abu-dhabi-global-market ---- quote start Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has received a Financial Services Permission (FSP) from the Financial Services Regulatory...
  11. G

    Binance futures access

    So i have come to a solution. The country i currently reside in does not allow the use of Binance futures, however I do have a residential address in a country that does. Which I am assured by binance is all you need, submit a utility bill from that property and futures trading will be enabled...
  12. G

    binance futures access via offshore entity

    Hi, I live in new zealand and like many others have just been shafted by the whole ftx fiasco. Binance NZ started in September and ever since then futures have been banned from the country (which f*****g sucks). Looking for guidance and help to setup an offshore company for the sole purpose of...
  13. Lincoln Burrows

    Question Best exchange for GBP to crypto? Binance/Kaken/FTX?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy crypto (USDT) with a GBP bank transfer. I'm currently deciding between these three exchanges (Binance/Kraken/FTX). The fees are practically the same in all of them. I'm looking to buy £50k or more on a weekly basis. I'm only interested to know which of these...
  14. V

    CRS for crypto exchange?

    Dear friends, I have a doubt! If I register on Binance, Kukoin or other similar platforms by doing KYC with my documents, do I run the risk of being subject to the automatic exchange of CRS only for FIAT deposit? Or also for crypto deposits? If I deposit crypto I shouldn't be reported, right?
  15. azb1

    Binance to stop supporting USDC, the second largest stablecoin

  16. M

    US based LLC + French partners offshore structure to legally trade on FTX, Binance, OKX, Bybit, etc.

    Hi all - Three of us (myself, a family member and a friend) own and operate our respective individual businesses by trading crypto. Before the KYC requirements, everything was easy and legal, now it is becoming harder to trade as individuals (mostly for me as being a US resident). Both friend...
  17. B

    help me keep my money safe

    Hello, I was an adult content creator and escort for some time. I have several bank accounts, I pay my taxes and the banks are aware of my work. however, one of them suddenly closed my account where there was at least 200,000 EUR without any notification or explanation. i then started to inquire...
  18. B

    Binance p2p payment(Skrill and AirTM)

    hey guys for the past 2 weeks i'm using Wise(personal account) for my small crypto p2p business and today they just deactivated my account. this is my bad cus i didnt read the T&C luckily I didnt have any funds left in wise, so i didnt lost anything right now im left with 2 option, Skrill and...
  19. RealDude

    Special Report: How crypto giant Binance built ties to a Russian FSB-linked agency

    In April 2021, Russia's financial intelligence unit met in Moscow with the regional head of Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. The Russians wanted Binance to agree to hand over client data, including names and addresses, to help them fight crime, according to text messages the company...
  20. J

    Need a solution for a crypto business (Cashing crypto problem)

    Hi, I have a crypto business that receives revenue paid in crypto. I pay also my employees in crypto. I have a problem because, in my country, banks don't allow cryptocurrencies transactions... so I can't cash. At first, I got a simple idea... Which was to create an offshore company with an...