1. B

    Binance p2p payment(Skrill and AirTM)

    hey guys for the past 2 weeks i'm using Wise(personal account) for my small crypto p2p business and today they just deactivated my account. this is my bad cus i didnt read the T&C luckily I didnt have any funds left in wise, so i didnt lost anything right now im left with 2 option, Skrill and...
  2. RealDude

    Special Report: How crypto giant Binance built ties to a Russian FSB-linked agency

    In April 2021, Russia's financial intelligence unit met in Moscow with the regional head of Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. The Russians wanted Binance to agree to hand over client data, including names and addresses, to help them fight crime, according to text messages the company...
  3. J

    Need a solution for a crypto business (Cashing crypto problem)

    Hi, I have a crypto business that receives revenue paid in crypto. I pay also my employees in crypto. I have a problem because, in my country, banks don't allow cryptocurrencies transactions... so I can't cash. At first, I got a simple idea... Which was to create an offshore company with an...
  4. L

    Information about Binance & Spain

    If you're Spanish and have undeclared money on Binance, it's probably time to withdraw it somewhere else as they've presented a request to become a crypto services provider in Spain, which means they will soon start sharing information with Spanish taxman. Sources...
  5. M

    Question Binance P2P and Wise

    Hello guys, I'm doing P2P trading on Binance using wise, recently the payment I am receiving need to do some checks before Wise send the payment to me, they are not asking me for more detail yet. got a few transctions and around 10k-20k gbp before. Is this the reason they need to run some...
  6. azb1

    Binance in Talks With Dubai, Abu Dhabi on Headquarters Plan Binance in Talks With Dubai, Abu Dhabi on Headquarters Plan
  7. F

    Advanced Cash (AdvCash) withheld my fund from Binance

    I was trying to transfer $20000 USD from Binance to my bank account, because Binance suspended USD transfer, and EUR transfer only supports Advanced Cash and the other one (can't remember the name). So I transferred $20k to AdvCash, but now AdvCash is requesting my Payslip or bank statement, I...
  8. MiddleEuroAsia

    Binance gets banned by UK regulator

    From CNBC: LONDON – Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been banned from operating in the U.K. by the country’s markets regulator, in the latest sign of a growing crackdown on the crypto market around the world. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority said Saturday that Binance Markets Limited...
  9. khinkali

    Binance UK: FCA Tries to Look Tough Again Does this matter? Is it a nail in the coffin of Brexit Britain, supposedly outwardly looking...
  10. Blonk

    Cayman, BVI or UAE for Crypto Trader

    Hi guys, I am a crypto trader in a high tax jurisdiction and looking for the best location to form a company offshore to continue trading but not in a personal capacity and only pay dividends many years in the future. I've been looking for months to find a solution/best option with regards to...
  11. Pendula

    Binance SHIT

    Hello guys, Is anyone here had a problem with a Binance ? My bank rejected my withdraw from Binance and returned the funds back. But Binance is still holding my money with no reason. I tried support calling but it seems there is nobody working in there How to resolve this ??
  12. E

    Offshore Company to avoid KYC Binance for US citizens

    Hello all, I am interested in creating a company in UAE as an American Citizen. Ideally use this company for enterprise trading on Binance I would then make myself an employee of this compay and pay myself a US taxable salary while the investment gains / losses are absorbed or reinvested...
  13. M

    Transferwise and Binance P2P

    Hello Everyone, I am doing P2P trading on Binance using TransfeWise. I am afraid that TW close my account and loos my money. So I have couple of questions searching that I could fins an answer for them: 1- Is Cryprto P2P trading legal? I am Egyptian and based in Belgium, So if that can help to...
  14. 2

    Need online bank acount to send money to Binance

    Hi, I live in Saudi Arabia ( not Bitcoin friendly ) and want to send money to a crypto exchange ( Binance, or any other ). My understanding is that I need a SEBA account to send money to Binance , provided that account can accept bank transfer from Saudi Arabia ( swift ). Is there such a bank or...
  15. PaulKruger

    What do you trust the most Binance Coin or Stellar?

    Do you trust Stellar more than Binance Coin or what are your thoughts about it right now? Assuming Binance Coin is owned by the worlds biggest Exchange Chinese Binance?
  16. N

    PayPal Limited For Selling on Binance

    Hello Our PayPal account (business account) got closed "due to the excessive risk involved", as they said. We've recently started selling cryptocurrency (USDT only) on Binance and they've asked for the reason for the activity change (and increase in volume.) We had ~5-6k in transfer volume in...
  17. James Spader

    Top 10 Crypto Exchanges & What You Need To Know Before Making a Final Decision

    There are around 2,000 cryptocurrencies on the market today, and their market cap is anywhere around $300 billion, with plenty of fluctuations. The space has gained lots of notoriety over the past years, especially with the leading digital currency – Bitcoin – reaching some extreme values in...
  18. boomy

    What is better, Binance or Kraken?

    Guys I need your input, which exchange is the better Binance or Kraken if you want to trade some of the major cryptos e.g. Bitcoin, Etherium and XRP ? For me it is very easy to use kraken, I never tried Binance but heard that every Jo is using them for professional use?