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  1. diablo

    Someone knows ? Want to read reviews please?

    Hello, Does someone has first hand experience with Bitcoin Exchange, Trading BTC USD, BTC EUR - CEX.IO I need to learn more about this service and if we can trust them to Exchange USD or EUR to Bitcoins ? It seems to be way faster compared to the many Exchange services arround, but I can't...
  2. negon

    Review please advise guys ??

    When I was searching for an reliable exchange service I stumbled upon Buy bitcoin instantly | Paxful and was wondering if this is a reliable service or if they are a SCAM - sorry to say scam but I read there are a lot of these fraud operations when it comes to btc! If you have any personal...
  3. pesto

    Someone knows any reviews please?

    I have just found Advanced Cash which seems to cover everything that I'm looking for to receive bitcoins, wire transfers, OKPay, skrill and much more. They also offer a MasterCard without verification of the address to where they send the card. What other verification that is required I can't...
  4. negon any review please?

    I came across the company CuBits which let you accept Bitcoin and convert it to real money in real time. This is awesome since all other services I found you have to use 2 or more providers to accept, exchange and receive the money on your bank account. They are new foundet in 2014 relatively...
  5. starfang

    I read about forums specially for exchange currency

    I read about forums specially covering all exchange services around. Since we are not allowed to post other forum urls here I can't post it but wanted to make people aware of it just in case there are not soon coming any service here people can start using!
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