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fake kyc documents

  1. S

    Question Risks of bank opening with 'improved' documents

    Hi guys Strictly hypothetical question: in Europe, what are risks, for a person tries to open foreign bank account with documents not 100% correct, and if bank notices? Will they only refuse account request, or something worse - sue, complain to police, etc.? (is it a big deal?) Also, do banks...
  2. Z

    Credit card processors accounts with fake documents (Saas website)

    Hi everyone, I'm a web developer and I want to process credit card transactions on my new project, it is a SaaS website so users can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans to use the service, this problem is Stripe rejected the website (due to high risk business) but I see competitors (with the...
  3. wtf

    What documents to use to stay anonymous for company registration?

    Hello, I need to know where and what documents I need to use to stay 100% anonymous when I register a Company offshore! Can I use any documents for the registration or what is it I need to care about when ordering? What documents you think I will need?