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  1. D

    Question Nevis LLC as an asset in my SDIRA

    For a few months I've been working with a registered agent in Nevis to form a single-member LLC. After what seemed like an endless process of notarizing and providing documents, they were able to officially form the entity. The problem is, they refused to set up my SDIRA account as the owner...
  2. M

    Looking for a ready-made solution in the USA.

    Hello, everyone! Looking for a ready-made company, website, bank account, payment processing (preferably strike) and manual nominee who can solve any problems that arise. Or alternatives that are already obvious. Budget will not sound, I have enough money for any service, there is a question...
  3. K

    What's the Best LLC for my Affiliate Marketing business?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for creating a new company abroad and before doing that I wanted to hear about your experiences first. While searching, I heard a lot about UK LTD companies, and also about LLC in USA (Delaware). So knowing that my business is totally online, more in particular in...
  4. F

    Question Transfer a delinquent LLC WY

    Hello, before I start, have to say, that I only have good intentions in this, I just found out that a LLC in Wyoming would be a good choice for me, BUT, as I searched for good names I stumbled upon one which I really like and that I now want as my master company. The company is in Delinquent...
  5. F

    US LLC and Dubai Resident

    Good morning everybody! I have the following setup: - Dubai resident with a Fujairah company (have company bank account, not personal bank account) - First LLC in WY with Mercury bank account - Second LLC in Florida with 2 local bank accounts in two different banks (opened by traveling there)...
  6. F

    Best Setup for an Online Brand

    Hello, I'm in the process of building an online brand to sell to customers globally. I'm looking for the best company setup for this case, as i know from the posts here that every case is different. Been looking recently in BEPS tools and many structures, but i found out that OECD have took...
  7. jakubko666

    Risks of principal place of business in other state than LLC's

    Are they any obligations towards the state of Nevada if I use my Anytime Mailbox address as principal place of business for new mexico llc? If it is considered as doing business in nevada it will be necessary to register llc in nevada too which is not what I want so then I will use other...
  8. jakubko666

    Operating agreement in NM

    Guys and gals who have the new mexico LLC as the sole owner/member, do you have an operational agreement? Do you recommend it? As I read it is not mandatory in NM.
  9. TmeWalcO

    US LLC while Spain resident, then move to Georgia?

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure I'm overcomplicating things given my low income, but I would like to explore some options. Currently, I am a Spain citizen and resident and with an income of €2.000 per month, and as a freelancer I pay €288 of Social Security and 20% tax on the remaining amount...
  10. N

    US LLC, limited liabillitly without EIN

    After reading several users facing 2-3 month delays in getting their EIN's. My question is; would my newly incorporated LLC (Wyoming, Delaware etc) enjoy the protection of limited liability even if I was waiting to receive an EIN number? Allowing me to establish a web presence, and generate...
  11. M

    Pass-through entities tax

    Hi, Based on my research single-member LLCs in Delaware, Wyoming and New Mexico are considered as "Pass-through entities" as far as taxes are concerned. Does this mean that I personally need to pay the tax on the income of the LLC for the year even if I do not pay myself even a single dollar...
  12. K

    US taxation for foreigners who own an LLC and that LLC owns a German GmbH (German equivalent LLC)

    Hello, I have a question about setting up an LLC and its tax obligations in the United States. I am a citizen of Germany. As a German citizen, I want to establish an LLC in Wyoming. This LLC would then become the 100% owner of the German GmbH (equivalent to LLC). All the income of this GmbH...
  13. Skipper

    Question US LLC or UK Ltd/LLP for small business

    I currently work as a content writer and SEO adviser mainly for UK and US clients. Looking to start a company to be able to charge them through my own website with PP and Stripe since they're not available where I live (Macedonia). Around 80% of my clients will be from the US, the rest from the...
  14. T

    Opening Bank account in the U.S by family member

    Hello, I own a single-member LLC in the U.S. However I'm not a U.S citizen, and I am not a U.S resident. I do have family there though. I know, it's not possible to open a bank account remotely so I was thinking of appointing a relative as director. This way, he would go to the bank and open...
  15. Trashy

    Question US LLC (disregarded entity) with a foreign company owner - is it possible?

    Hello, What I'm planning on doing is starting a Romanian company (utilizing the 1/3% micro-company tax there). I'm a software developer, and the company would have two main types of income: 1) freelance work, 2) advertisement income/sale of digital products. For the foreseeable future, I would...
  16. R

    Form 5742 filing?

    Hi everybody I am new on the forum. I am from the UK and looking to setup offshore in Wyoming as a LLC. There is a lot of waffle online about it and I hear a lot of great things being said, but when it comes to tax filing everyone stays quiet. As a newbie to start an offshore company in the US...
  17. E

    Best service & LLC location for Patent lawsuit protection?

    Hey all, Love this forum and all the knowledge I'm getting from you guys. I will be running a ecommerce company in California, USA and will be manufacturing products in the USA as well. The product I'm selling in the USA directly competes with another company's product, and because he's...
  18. M

    0% tax approved but still need Offshore company ?

    Hello guys, I've got a "natural person" company in Morocco where my income tax is 0% for 3 years still (The gov is helping individuals/companies to export services/products and get USD/EUR in-house). Instead of invoicing foreign companies via my "natural person" company, I thought to open an...
  19. P

    New Mexico LLC + Cyprus Non-Dom

    Hey there, I'm a EU citizen/resident. I really like the idea of a New Mexico LLC (non-resident) for my activity which is software development services. No presence in USA. In terms of banking, I am pretty happy with the option of Transferwise. So I was wondering if I can combine it with a...
  20. challenge

    Stripe dropping foreign owned LLCs

    Got multiple warnings from my friends that stripe is starting to require US based employees when the US LLCs are foreign owned. I mean they allow you to sign in and start trading then they randomly block your funds and ask for something along these lines: - us bank account, not emi - tax id of...
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