1. K

    Does Payoneer reports to OECD ?

    Hello guys, I've been working online for a while now, and things have been good and i've always kept my money on Payoneer / Paypal but i never transfer them to my local bank account, i only withdraw with my master card small amount of money from ATMs. That been said, there is this new...
  2. ruttydm

    Wyoming LLC for dropshipping

    I am a Belgian resident and I'm planning to do dropshipping in the USA. I also have some other websites generating ad revenue. I am planning to create a Wyoming LLC for my business. Is this a good idea? Will this work? I am also planning to buy some rental properties in the USA later and on the...
  3. I

    Paypal personal and business

    Hello forum! Like 6 years ago my PayPal personal account was limited. I don't enter in the account for years. Now I want to open a uk company and attach a new PayPal business account to it. The PayPal will be used to accept payments in online store. Will they link accounts and then limit new...
  4. Susanlove

    Can a stealth account help me?

    I am from Hong Kong and I sell online to overseas customers. (I issue paypal invoices to them direct) I use the sales proceeds in my paypal account to directly pay for purchases and online shopping via paypal. I DON'T transfer my paypal balance to my bank account. Recently, Paypal required...
  5. B

    Where to open my business bank account and register my company?

    Hello friends, I need your help. I am trying to register my company where I will pay the lowest TAX. Also, I must to be able to have PayPal business account because most of my customers will pay me with PayPal. Can you recommend me where to open my businesses bank account and where to register...
  6. F

    UK PayPal with online bank access

    Hi I'm spreading the word on behalf of my supplier as I see alot of people are struggling. I've been a longtime buyer from my supp and regurlarly purchase through telegram but you can also get at him on bitify and use escrow. You get UK PayPal account thats mobile, email, bank confirmed so the...
  7. My name is Nessuno

    Do you know " privato bank " ?

    Did you try this bank ? Is it reliable?
  8. A

    Business Paypal or Payoneer for Belize, Nevis, Cayman Islands IBC

    Suppose one has an IBC in Belize with a bank account in Belize or an IBC in Nevis with a bank account in Nevis or an IBC in Cayman with a bank account in Cayman. Is it possible to get a Paypal or Payoneer business account and receive one monthly payment from an EU partner and then transfer that...
  9. Z

    Sending PayPal payments without PayPal account

    Hey guys, We are looking for a solution to pay our suppliers with PayPal (preferably mass payments) as our business PayPal account was permanently closed. I found that UPayCard offers that. Are there any other solutions similar to this one? UPayCard is offering its new PayPal withdrawal option...
  10. Yakooza

    Tax-Free Online Business + Bank Account to get PayPal?

    Hi, I have an online business (selling online services) which I want to register it on a no-tax or low tax juristication BUT the most IMPORTANT thing is a way to get a Bussiness or Premier PayPal account + A credit card gateway like 2checkout to accept money. The business is legal and no need...
  11. W

    Looking to set up a Paypal business/company account.

    I'm looking to set up a paypal business account without using any ID/utility bill/et al. What would be the best way to go about this, and how much would you estimate that it would cost? I reckon the best way is to open a cheap shell company somewhere and use them to open a paypal account? Does...
  12. I

    Usefulway to cash out paypal balance.need help

    I am holding a US paypal account that I created with fake name, gv number and prepaid card( my friend bought me at US grocery store) So far I have showed paypal the fake driver lience and proof of supplier. My only funding source is from ebay. I only cash out 3 times after I make thousand usd...
  13. goodone

    Paypal account limited and withdrawal questions

    It's been more then 180 day's my 3 years old personal paypal us account had been limited. Recently they have sent me an email to withdrawal my money but I tried to link my bank account but looks like system is preventing me to add them. I tried different ACH account to link none of them working...
  14. H

    Comissions as an anonymous on paypal

    So, I work as an illustrator and want to make some side comissions but don't want my name to be associated with this side work. I've bee scratching my head with how to make this work for quite some time and after not find exactly the awnser decided to ask you guys for help. -How can I hide my...
  15. Nanoo

    Company + Bank account for 40k$/m Ecommerce

    Hey guys, I'm based in UK and i have a ecommerce store generating 40k$ revenue per month (70% from paypal), i want to remain anonymous on the public records because success + privacy is always my goal. I need a offshore company + bank account: - Remain anonymous on the public records. - Open...
  16. M

    Looking for options on how to own a legit PayPal account

    I'm from a country where PayPal isn't supported. I need a legit account where I intend of doing legal transactions only. It can be under my name, doesn't have to be anonymous or with darks. What I always did so far is: 1. Create a PayPal account. 2. Add a bank account and credit card from...
  17. S

    Anonymous skrill/paypal accounts

    Hi, I am looking to create and verify a skrill account anonymously. Is that possible and who can I contact that can make that happen.
  18. L

    Paypal, Money & Data: What Can I do?

    It goes like this: I'm finishing the preparatives of a new project that may save my financial situation at the moment. Because I'm kinda young (20y) and living alone in another country (left Venezuela because "you know who"), every step of the project must be realized in a cautious way. I will...
  19. J

    Offshore Bank that works with PayPal (2018)

    Hi! I'm a European citizen but living in Asia. I work mainly online and get paid on PayPal. However, I can’t withdraw to my local bank because I’m a foreigner in the country I live in. I need a bank where I can withdraw my money from PayPal. I should be able to use it to confirm my BUSINESS...

    Where is the best offshore country for an online learning company?

    Hello everyone, We are in the process of setting up a new company and we want to form an offshore company & bank account, The subject of the work specifically Our company will be a mediator between teachers and students Teachers of different languages will share informations about their...