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  1. libicap

    Process with Paypal without paypal account?

    Hello all! Paypal shut us down and we are looking for some solution to process payments from our customers without a paypal account. I am not sure if we this is possible, as I know all paypal clients have to go through them and they don't really offer aggregation account to other payment service...
  2. Elliso

    Paypal Blocked my Account with 2K

    All sudden they blocked my account back in 2018 and after 180days i have attempted all credit cards i have and they have been all rejected. I Attempte 3 US bank account and it get error something those accounts are disabled, i called them and them seems to be playing with me ? I Guess they...
  3. M

    $200K stuck on Paypal - What would you do in this case ?

    Hello everyone, I can't believe I'm posting here. Thanks in advance for reading and helping. I'm doing affiliate marketing (whitehat) and using Paypal (Personal account!) for about 8 years..The current balance is around $ 200K (compiled affiliate commissions) and I have never reported my...
  4. O

    Accept cc and paypal, get cripto/bitcoin

    Hi, I have a website what it is about copyrighted content I would like to access to a payment gateway what allow me to receive the money in bitcoins or cripto and allow the customer to pay with credit/debit card and/or paypal. Right now I am using paypal and it is a pain in the ass(they want...
  5. C

    Alternatives to Stripe/2checkout ? Using UK LTD Company

    Hello There, I will try to keep this short. I live in a Nonsupported country to use stripe. I opened a UK LTD company with 1sformation and bought a UK phone number with Skype, applied to get a Stripe Account using a VPS located in the UK. I entered my payoneer account connected to a US Bank. All...
  6. C

    "Transaction no longer exists"

    Trying to deposit funds into my PayPal from Patreon earnings. When I cashed out and sent the funds to my PayPal I received an email from PayPal confirming that funds have been sent and that I can claim my money. However, when I click the link to collect the funds "Claim your money" it sends...
  7. R

    PayPal mass payments

    Hello, How does my business model work? We buy virtual items from users and pay them via different payment methods, eg. bitcoin / etc We want to expand and start using PayPal to send funds via their API to our users. All funds are deposits from the company account. What is the best country for...
  8. O

    PayPal Business Account

    Hi - I am from Turkey and paypal is not active in Turkey. I need PayPal business account so where is the best country with no tax for us? Thanks
  9. K

    Does Payoneer reports to OECD ?

    Hello guys, I've been working online for a while now, and things have been good and i've always kept my money on Payoneer / Paypal but i never transfer them to my local bank account, i only withdraw with my master card small amount of money from ATMs. That been said, there is this new...
  10. ruttydm

    Wyoming LLC for dropshipping

    I am a Belgian resident and I'm planning to do dropshipping in the USA. I also have some other websites generating ad revenue. I am planning to create a Wyoming LLC for my business. Is this a good idea? Will this work? I am also planning to buy some rental properties in the USA later and on the...
  11. I

    Paypal personal and business

    Hello forum! Like 6 years ago my PayPal personal account was limited. I don't enter in the account for years. Now I want to open a uk company and attach a new PayPal business account to it. The PayPal will be used to accept payments in online store. Will they link accounts and then limit new...
  12. Susanlove

    Can a stealth account help me?

    I am from Hong Kong and I sell online to overseas customers. (I issue paypal invoices to them direct) I use the sales proceeds in my paypal account to directly pay for purchases and online shopping via paypal. I DON'T transfer my paypal balance to my bank account. Recently, Paypal required...
  13. B

    Where to open my business bank account and register my company?

    Hello friends, I need your help. I am trying to register my company where I will pay the lowest TAX. Also, I must to be able to have PayPal business account because most of my customers will pay me with PayPal. Can you recommend me where to open my businesses bank account and where to register...
  14. F

    UK PayPal with online bank access

    Hi I'm spreading the word on behalf of my supplier as I see alot of people are struggling. I've been a longtime buyer from my supp and regurlarly purchase through telegram but you can also get at him on bitify and use escrow. You get UK PayPal account thats mobile, email, bank confirmed so the...
  15. My name is Nessuno

    Do you know " privato bank " ?

    Did you try this bank ? Is it reliable?
  16. A

    Business Paypal or Payoneer for Belize, Nevis, Cayman Islands IBC

    Suppose one has an IBC in Belize with a bank account in Belize or an IBC in Nevis with a bank account in Nevis or an IBC in Cayman with a bank account in Cayman. Is it possible to get a Paypal or Payoneer business account and receive one monthly payment from an EU partner and then transfer that...
  17. Z

    Sending PayPal payments without PayPal account

    Hey guys, We are looking for a solution to pay our suppliers with PayPal (preferably mass payments) as our business PayPal account was permanently closed. I found that UPayCard offers that. Are there any other solutions similar to this one? UPayCard is offering its new PayPal withdrawal option...
  18. Yakooza

    Tax-Free Online Business + Bank Account to get PayPal?

    Hi, I have an online business (selling online services) which I want to register it on a no-tax or low tax juristication BUT the most IMPORTANT thing is a way to get a Bussiness or Premier PayPal account + A credit card gateway like 2checkout to accept money. The business is legal and no need...
  19. W

    Looking to set up a Paypal business/company account.

    I'm looking to set up a paypal business account without using any ID/utility bill/et al. What would be the best way to go about this, and how much would you estimate that it would cost? I reckon the best way is to open a cheap shell company somewhere and use them to open a paypal account? Does...
  20. I

    Usefulway to cash out paypal balance.need help

    I am holding a US paypal account that I created with fake name, gv number and prepaid card( my friend bought me at US grocery store) So far I have showed paypal the fake driver lience and proof of supplier. My only funding source is from ebay. I only cash out 3 times after I make thousand usd...
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