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  1. R

    Question Bank account/Prepaid card/Whatever for sanctioned country citizen

    Hey guys! I'm new here, and I've been doing a lot of reading in some posts, so here's my situation: I'm a Cuban software developer, and I've been working online for quite a while now, as an individual contractor. It has been impossible for me to find any service that would allow me to open a...
  2. W

    Prepaid Card funded with Skrill

    I cann’t order a Skrill card, and I am looking for a prepaid card which can be funded with Skrill, so I can use it to make payments or withdraw the money from Skrill. Is any card that can be funded with Skrill? Thanks.
  3. Admin

    Everything You Need To Know About Virtual & Prepaid Cards

    No name association, no ID required and no passport, but 100% legal – this is what you want from a fully anonymous credit card. You want to be able to use it anytime, anywhere, but you do not want to be traced. Sure, this is not really a necessity when you take your family on holiday, but there...
  4. S

    Payment processor for prepaid cards

    Hello, I am looking for a payment processor that would be able to accept prepaid non-reloadable giftcards, (onevanilla cards etc) These cards are all USD and I am also located in USA. My volume is very high, 500k+ per month.
  5. O

    Any reviews for Swissbankers prepaid?

    Have any of you guys used their services? Would you recommend them?
  6. K

    Any reviews on Lamda cardservices ?

    Hi all, I have just found out today this new card issuer Home - LAMDA Card Services they claim that you can get virtual cards from them in exchange of a small fee, to which you will have to top up with a credit card that you link into your account. I was wondering about that, so i wanted to...
  7. K

    Is Leopay still working with old account holders ?

    Hello, As some of you know, Leopay (leupay) they changed their policy in regards to what countries they accept to do business with. I was using my account & their credit card for quite sometime until i received their email about this policy change on October 2018 saying that my account will be...
  8. A

    Euro Prepaid / Debit Card for Crypto or Forex Trading Activity

    I am sorry if this is the right thread to post this question. My boss told me to research a companies who can provide a bulk of prepaid card for the Bitcoin or Crypto / Forex Trading activity for their clients. Anyone can help me out of this.. thank you in advance.. :)
  9. B

    Bank that offers Unionpay cards

    Hi, I am looking for bank which could open me corporate bank account on remote and offers Union pay prepaid cards? Does anyone have any suggestion? I assume that only asian banks offer Unionpay cards, but till now I got some offers and all of them required personal visit. Otherwise I run...
  10. W

    Debit/prepaid cards for NON-EEA residents

    Which are the best debit / prepaid cards to withdraw money for NON-EEA residents?
  11. M

    How to avoid currency exchange with HSBC HK

    Hello Everyone, I've got a customer with an offshore account with HSBC HK. It's multicurrency account, Euro, dollars, £, HK$ Apparently when he wants to withdraw money with an ATM card, the money comes from his HK$ account. As, he has customers who pay him in Euro and he wants to withdraw in...
  12. S

    GBP - Debit/Prepaid Card

    Hello guys, I'm going to London next January 2018. I'm living in Brazil, so I need to have an account (Iban) and debit/prepaid card with low taxes.. all of it in GBP To Transfer money I think about Transferwise. But I don't know where I can find that Iban/card. I've read something about...
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