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    Introduction: A Permanent and long-term service, based on fully customized steps, highest levels of anonymity, noncomplex solutions that readily functions within jurisdictions regardless of restrictions, demographics, business and services category, private consumer needs, High Net-worth...
  2. T

    NON-KYC Virtual Cards that you can fund with crypto?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if you have found any non-kyc virtual or physical debit cards that you can fund with crypto? There are some sites I found in Google where it's $75 for example to buy a VCC loaded with $50 but that's a pretty bad ratio to be honest. The purpose of these cards would be...
  3. Blonk

    Offshore Crypto VCC

    Hello everyone. I would like to set up an offshore venture capital fund for crypto. This will be my first endeavors doing this and I’m looking for service provides as well as to recommendations for structures and how to do this. I’m a non-us non-eu citizen and will be living in Cyprus next year.
  4. S

    vcc for verify paypal

    Hi, where i can buy vcc for verify paypal? Thank you :)
  5. S

    3D secure/verified by visa vcc?

    Is there any 3D secure/verified by visa vcc available? advcash and neteller don't seem to support it and are quite useless.
  6. W

    EMI for UK VCCs ?

    Hello, I'm looking for EMI that can provide several UK VCCs such as Revolut... Do you know others ? Best regards
  7. D

    Unlimited VCC?

    I need a solution where i can create/get unlimited VCCs for small payments (0.5-1 USD/EUR each). At least 100 per day. For example how EntroPay was before. Any solutions/services to recommend?
  8. I

    I need an anonymous VCC deposit in Bitcoin

    Hello, i am desperately looking for an anonymous virtual credit card issuer , possibly that accepts Bitcoins to reload the card Any help??? thanks
  9. K

    Any reviews on Lamda cardservices ?

    Hi all, I have just found out today this new card issuer Home - LAMDA Card Services they claim that you can get virtual cards from them in exchange of a small fee, to which you will have to top up with a credit card that you link into your account. I was wondering about that, so i wanted to...