8 digit Cryptocurrency-profits looking for a Bank

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by Lenny01, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Lenny01

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    I am one of those lucky bastards that made quite some profit with investments in Cryptocurrencies.

    All in all its about 15mio USD.

    But there is one flaw to it:

    I have so far contacted two banks and both simply lack the expertise to understand Cryptocurrencies. I provided them with all my trades and documents etc from the recent years but they basically seem to lack knowledge to do the compliance. It's still an ongoing process, but with all those crazy marketmovements lately i obv get increasingly anxious about the situation.

    Now my question: Where to look for? Asia? HK? Singapore?

    Thanks alot!

  2. diablo

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    Go for Swiss banks and Saxo Bank they understand Cryptocurrencies and they are able to help you.
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  3. Admin

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    It's a lot of money, I'm sure you can find a bank that is willing to work with you on this.
  4. Newworld

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    Hello Lenny,

    For my clients I can open bank accounts in Switzerland and other countries. There are possibilities with the necessary structure. Safety is very important! Multiple options are possible! Safety is the most important thing! That is my knowledge in my profession!
  5. auric

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    Does your service require personal visit in Switzerland and where else can you open accounts?
  6. Newworld

    Newworld Independent trader on the stock exchange Mentor Group Sponsor

    Switzerland and Canada is possible. I can open bank accounts for my clients. I invest on the stock market for many years and have a high-quality clientele. That is why I mainly listen first to what the customer wants, that is very important. A good relationship is important to me. I work in all discretion!

    Moving is not always necessary to open a bank account.
  7. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    I Wonder why Admin allow you to advertise your service here! Anyway, you don't answer @auric question. Does your so called service requrie personal visit to open a Swiss and Canadian account?
  8. Newworld

    Newworld Independent trader on the stock exchange Mentor Group Sponsor

    I apologize ! My intention is not to advertise. I only say what the possibilities are! And yes, to open a business account you have to visite the bank Personal accounts can be opened via a contact person with the necessary documents.
  9. Tamarind

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    If you are in Europe, Liechtenstein (LGT) or Andorra (AndBank). Avoid Switzerland, UBS/CS will ignore you and 15M is too little for Private Banks. Ignore anyone here offering you services, for this you need a introducer, a proper Law/Accounting Firm to represent you that has a relation to the Bank, they make the case for the Bank, structure, trust, whatever, and then you go see the Bankers together with them. Will need to spend a week there and wait, this is not a Forum thing. Good Luck.
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  10. Tamarind

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    Imagine a stock trader handling your cash! It's like asking McDonald's to look after your cows while you are away :)
  11. superman

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    LGT? This is the most conservative Bank in Liechtenstein.

    Regarding Switzerland and Cryptocurrencies involved I have suggest in another Thread the Falcon, with 15mio you could also contact Von Tobel they are really superior and probably can help you.
    Most Banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein will decline you as client, as there compliance lack of expperience which you self already find out.
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  12. Lenny01

    Lenny01 New Member

    Thank you for the answers!

    What about stuff like the channel islands or Isle of Man? Shouldn't they be more keen/relaxed to take the funds?
  13. Tamarind

    Tamarind New Member

    Vontobel refused 2 friends I know who had around 3M each, but sure they were fine to give them the money after it for Wealth management and high fees.

    LGT has accepted people I know but within 6-12 months of transfers and not all in instantly, so yes conservative but I rather work conservative banks then cowboys, just because BTC luck made millionaires, doesn't mean we hand it to anyone that accepts it.

    Obviously a good intro needed and some fees.
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  14. Lenny01

    Lenny01 New Member


    So Vontobel accepted after a plan was laid out that included high fee wealth-management?

    And how to get a "good intro" as a person that has no financial business background?
  15. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    Find a (larger) lawfim (in Zug) that deals with Crypto Currencies (make sure the principal is not a "east european").

    Search for lawyers that have published articles on bitcoin and work for a larger lawfirm. Make a personal appointment, take with you a copy of your trades. Ask them to validate your trades and have them introduce you to a private bank. Stash your money at that bank. (make sure you have 2.5-5 mio CHF to deposit). If you have most of the value still in bitcoin, see if the laywer will contact bity.com or an other btc<->fiat exchanger and explain your predicament. If you have it in cash, your out-of-luck.

    Wait a year and go to either UBS(prefered) or CS. Tell them you want to do some transaction banking and you find your private bank for this not 'digital' enough. Ie you want an app, spend money without calling your account manager. Tell them you want to deposit 500k-1mio, but do require a personal account manager. As for the source of your money tell them 'savings' currently at private bank X.

    While in Switzerland, also schedule a meeting at Bank Frick in Lichtenstein, best via your lawyer.

    Good luck!

    remember, almost everything is possible with proper planning and perfect execution!
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  16. superman

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    You could ask bitcoinsuisse, the founder is highly experienced and probably they can advise you how to go.
    They also assist you on conversions BTC<->FIAT.
  17. Skandiabanken - Swedish bank