Advantages and disadvantages of Email marketing

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Advantages of Email marketing

In my experience, the main advantages of Email marketing are:

1. Relatively low cost of fulfilment. The physical costs of email are substantially less than direct mail.

2. Direct response medium encourages immediate action. Email marketing encourages clickthrough to a website where the offer can be redeemed immediately this increases the likelihood of an immediate, impulsive response.

3. Faster campaign deployment. Lead times for producing creative and the whole campaign lifecycle tends to be shorter than traditional media.

4. Ease of personalisation. It is easier and cheaper to personalise email than for physical media and also than for a website.

5. Options for testing. It is relatively easy and cost effective to test different email creative and messaging.

6. Integration. Through combining email marketing with other direct media which can be personalised such as direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalisation, campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced by different media.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

In my experience, the main disadvantages of Email marketing evident are:

1. Deliverability. Difficulty of getting messages delivered through different internet service providers (ISPs), corporate firewalls and webmail systems.

2. Renderability. Difficulty of displaying the creative as intended within the in-box of different email reading systems.

3. Email response decay. Email recipients are most responsive when they first subscribe to an email. It is difficult to keep them engaged.

4. Communications preferences. Recipients will have different preferences for email offers, content and frequency which affect engagement and response. These have to be managed through communications preferences.

5. Resource intensive. Although email offers great opportunities for targeting, personalisation and more frequent communications, additional people and technology resources are required to deliver these.


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Advantage and disadvantage of email marketing

Email advertising comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages for email marketing are far attracting then the repulsion of it disadvantages.

Among the advantages of email marketing the most attractive is it being cheap. As starter you are able to enjoy the email advertisement at negligible cost.

The next thing is while marketing we reach the people who need our services or products. You are able to select the target audience or service buyer based on geography, age, income and other parameters which apply.

Email advertising comes with two modes: advertising campaigns and advertising at one-to-one level. You can select to advertise at the huge level of targets and also can opt for personal greeting with the one-to-one advertisement.

Email advertising at one-to-one level help you create healthy relations with your customers and also earn their loyalty. It also helps acquire new customers.

Email advertisement is also track able. The marketer is capable of evaluating how successful the advertising campaign is by counting the click through the website has received. This help improves chances of success.

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Owing to the lots of distinct advantages to the concept of email marketing, it has soon turn-out to be the most accepted forms of Internet advertising. However, email marketing does have some disadvantages as well. It encompasses the dazzling advantages over other types of marketing both online as well as offline. One of the weightiest advantages to email marketing is the ability to get in touch with a worldwide audience without putting any relentless effort.

Another major advantage to email marketing is that the cost associated to it is minimal. Hence, it is within the means of everybody. There are many key reasons which make the email marketing cost-effective. It has the ability to distribute information to a wide range of specific, potential customers at a pretty low cost. As you will be enclosing a list of an email recipients, so there will be no cost connected with taking a list of an email addresses. Moreover, the cost of dispatching the emails is negligible. Furthermore, E-mail, in terms of sending and responses, is more immediate in comparative to traditional mailing. Whenever you are going to convey your message, you will be able to get the prompt response without any stretch of time.