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    it's strange that affiliate site ask for identification in my niche . i have given those proofs to banks,emis and even crypto exchanges that i didn't use . but the idea of sharing sensitive with some site that i could not trust that much .is scary .

    thankfully i don't make serious amount with this partner or my heart , but my business can get bigger and i have been working on my related sites for 1 year +6 months .

    the affiliate may stop making payments if i did not upload id soon ,what i could do to fix that potential future problem ?

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    Are you using a platform such as clickbank or are you in touch directly with the product/service creator who's asking you for your ID ?
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    yes i have account with the direct advertiser , it's not cpa network like clickbank .
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    They may have to keep on their record who they are paying and if it's not a fake account/scammer, they may have analysed your traffic and decided to do so after, it happens often if a proxy is used too.

    On the other hand you have to ask clarifications and what are the reasons behind, there is more and more regulation about gathering data and personal informations and depending on where his business is registered, he'll be likely forced to give you solid reasons about this unusual request.
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    it's not special request :D , any affiliate working with them have to submit id . fortunately i don't have chargeback with them in year and half ( revshare not per lead )the reason of request is not stated .

    if that was the case they could close my account without much trouble .
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    OP use darks and don't worry about it anymore :D
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    thanks , i read a lot about darks here but not sure where this online ? :D

    it's hard to meet random homeless person where i live .