Allforcrypto ICO (a crypto alternative to eBay)

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    I know people have been dying to find out what my was ICO from the first time I posted on the forum.I suppose no time like the present since were nearly on all the top ICO rating sites with pretty good ratings.

    To sum up, allforcrypto will provide a blockchain-friendly platform for the sale of goods and services with its own utility token for funding operations. Basically a crypto alternative to eBay .

    Here all the important links to find out more about the project. Tell us what you guys think ;)

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    Allforcrypto ICO (AFCT) ICO information and rating | TrackICO
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    This looks more like huge SPAM rather than any information about your company! Where is admin to remove this rubbish.
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    Why don't you just bugger off .Were top rating on nearly all the ico rating sites. Search allforcrypto on any of them and you find us