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Already on 0% tax income. Need Offshore ?


New member
Hello guys,

I've got a "natural person" company in Morocco where my income tax is 0% for 3 years still (The gov is helping individuals/companies to export services/products and get USD/EUR in-house).

Instead of invoicing foreign companies via my "natural person" company, I thought to open an offshore company to invoice with. Then my natural person company invoices the offshore. This will also help to keep some EUR/USD money in the offshore company bank to pay my suppliers as the local bank system is old school.

My questions are :

1. Does it worth it or should I just use the natural person company ?
2. Any 0% Corp tax offshore companies/countries recommended ?

PS : The 0% income is not available anymore for the newly created companies since Jan 2020.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Mentor Group
Mentor Group