Anyone doing matched betting here?

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  1. burgerin

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    There are other legal ways to get those figures, learning to bet. hehe Its way better
  2. void

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    you'll have to verify them to make withdrawal which happens in 50% on average (meaning expected value generally) - you can't avoid this no matter what
    wrong assumption - you either will deal with 'deposit only' bookie (game over) or serious one that takes care about the accounts and money going out - of course you'll take out money sometimes but you will face frequently a situation where you need to withdraw like 10k to clear a bonus 300 and the bookie won't do it (game over)

    and there is more not mentioned yet and to be questioned, but I think you already started to look at it more critically so no need to continue

    justs forget bonus hunting for while - the key point is what you can provide that others can't - to make it clear
    * can you open and verify tens or hundreds of skrill/neteller fake accounts? maybe get cards for them? I don't see how but maybe you know :)
    * can you open and verify tens or hundreds of accounts on betfair or on A-class bookies like bet365, william hill, ladbrokes, maybe pinnacle, sbobet, ...?

    if so and you can guarantee the quality of setup (invest your own money to cover the risk until the successful withdrawal) then you have a value, I mean big value
    in any case forget your 6 figure profit per month - no one will give you that for fake accounts nor you can get this from scalping bonuses - doesn't mean you can't get nice 4-5 figure revenue providing unique high quality service - depends whether it's enough for you or not - if you need more then learn how to bet as someone already suggested :)
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  3. Aleksandr Prilepa

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    Hasn't been my experience thusfar but then again my sample has been small. I make my decisions based on data and data only so I will scale it and then based on the results decide whether or not to continue. Thank you for your input regardless.

    P.S. Regarding the fake skrill/neteller/bookies service - 4-5 figures / month and hassling around with customer service etc. isn't worth it for me at this point. I've provided various services in the past which made roughly low to mid 5 figures every month and eventually I ended up selling them or closing them down.
  4. auric

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    Interesting project you guys have going here!
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  5. peña blanca

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    There are still bookies that give you reload bonusses whenever your balance is 0. I get 150 eur every month that way which is nice for 5min of work.

    Anyways, I have been doing bonus scalping for quite a while now and would love to have a conversation with you sharing experiences if you‘d like - just sent me a pm :)
  6. void

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    these bookies have poor (or unknown) reputation and you can do it only for a while - once your funds will end at this bookie instead of the other (preferred) side you'll have to ask for withdrawal - this is the end of your reload bonus and you'll be very lucky to get your money, in the worse case you'll find out it's a "deposit only" bookie and the magic is gone
    15 or 10 years ago there was an opportunity - in 2018 it's not possible any more - at least not efficient enough and worth the hassle

    if it works for you good for you...
  7. peña blanca

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    I have withdrawn 6 times, as I was always unlucky enough to win over there. Bookie has quite a good rep, struck a bit of a goldmine I know :)
  8. momordica

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    As someone who makes those 6 figures with value betting I can tell you... that is the only way to make money on gambling.
    It is possible to get hundreds of e-wallet + betting accounts (not for free), but you are better to not waste them on something so primitive as bonus chasing. Most bookmakers restricted signup and reload bonus if deposit was made through e-wallet. :) If you can get hundreds of accounts on soft bookie like b365, you can find an easy with edge with real betting there, compare to lets say Pinnacle, where on top leagues there will be no more than 5% edge (if you are really good). You can offset it with the wage you place. Good luck.