Applying For Citizenship Online – Application, Eligibility & Everything You Need To Know

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Applying For Citizenship Online
The United States is one of the few countries whose immigration laws allow some of the world's most skilled people to work and live there. But having the residency and working permit requires applicants to undertake a sometimes difficult, involved process that has been refined over decades. However, many countries worldwide are continuously working towards improving their citizenship application process.

The concepts of dual citizenship are becoming common with the increasing concept of offshore business. Different countries are now supporting dual citizenship as an easy and convenient process. Dual citizenship has a lot of scope both for a business and residents. It can be the perfect tool for taking their businesses offshore for businesses. Setting up new boundaries as a business will help you grow faster as a business and increase the reach of your business.

Having second citizenship will always prove beneficial for you as a business, whatever your requirements are. The best part now, you can apply for citizenship in countries like Canada, Argentina, Barbados, Mexico, Panama, India, and many more. You can also apply online for European citizenship if you fulfill every eligibility criteria. While a normal person can apply for citizenship through naturalization, birthplace rights, or descent, a businessman also has the option to get citizenship through investment.

Thankfully, several programs have made it possible for individuals worldwide to apply for citizenship. As an initiative to facilitate citizenship easier, governments are now accepting online applications for citizenship. It may seem like a simple process at first, but things can go south for you very quickly. Therefore, before applying online, you must know everything related to the complete application process. An ideal thing to do here is to take help from professionals in this field to avoid any complications.

What is Dual Citizenship?​

In simple terms, dual citizenship is the process of applying for citizenship in a second country simultaneously with your country of birth. It can be a very simple process if you have the requirements. But the process can become complex, and if you don't know how you will be accepted, it won't be easy. So the first step to achieving dual citizenship is to meet all the requirements required by the country you wish to apply for citizenship.

Additionally, you need to know that there are different types of citizenship today. There are three types available to use depending upon the laws of the country you want to live in. They include:
If you wish to apply with any one of them, you need to first acquire a residency permit that the government requires of your foreign country before applying for citizenship. After that, you can either obtain a visa according to your country's laws or get a permanent residency permit as an investment option. Among all these options, citizenship by naturalization and investment are the best options to get citizenship quickly. For example, in countries like Mexico, you can get citizenship after just five years of living there.

However, before applying for any one of these options, it is important that you first check if you have eligibility for this process. This is because a dual citizen must meet a few basic eligibility requirements to get approved. But before checking on eligibility conditions, you need to understand a few terms like citizenship, residence permits, naturalization, and naturalization.

What Does Citizenship Through Naturalization Mean?​

Citizenship means an individual who has acquired rights and privileges under their own nation's laws but still holds another national capacity in another country. This second nationality may not necessarily be based on place of birth but can also be based on a parent's nationality, marriage, or other factors.

The process of naturalization is the formalization of a link between an individual and the state where he or she resides in. This may be done to acquire additional citizenship, claim residential rights, or share in certain state-based rights and obligations. Naturalization usually requires some form of residence within the country being applied for. In this process, a person's prior citizenship may remain unaffected or might require termination by administrative or judicial means.

Different countries have different requirements for naturalization. But the general requirements for a person to become a citizen by naturalization are as follows:
  • Knowledge of the country's history and culture.
  • The legal status of residence for the past number of years before the application, along with no criminal record. (number of years varies across different countries)
  • Adherence to the nation's laws, obligations, and duties where one is applying for citizenship.
  • There must be no criminal cases against you during the time you spend in the country.
While dual citizenship has many advantages, you still need to be careful while applying to stray on the safer side of things. This is why it's essential to help professionals make sure you are making all the right decisions leading to positive outcomes.

Residence Permit And Its Requirements​

A residence permit is an official document allowing a person from one country to enter another country to reside there or otherwise gain entry into it or transit through it. This permit is issued by the authorities of a foreign country who have accepted the person as a resident. Issuance of permit means authorities have granted him the right to reside in their country to seek work, study, or establish a business.

If you are looking to get a resident permit from any country, you need to meet some requirements. These requirements will be different according to your country. But in general, a person must have a legitimate residency permit that any competent authority can issue. This permit must be valid for at least one year or any other period defined by the law of that particular country.

This permit will be valid for that province or territory only. A person can apply for this document either through naturalization or birthright citizenship. For a person to get a residence permit, he must meet the following requirements:
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be not in any serious criminal records.
  • Have no pending criminal cases.
These are basic requirements for getting resident permits. Additionally, you need to fulfill the requirement based on the nature of your application. On top of it, the application process varies from country to country. For example, countries like Mexico ask for five years of stay for naturalization. But in countries like Argentina, you need to spend two years first to obtain permanent residency and an extra three years to become a permanent citizen.

Some Fast-Paced Methods To Get Your Second Passport

Having second citizenship is something that can open new opportunities for you. You can have an option for increasing the horizon of your business. First, however, you need to pre-plan your steps and ensure you are on the right track to justice. As it may be a little complicated, it is advisable to take the help of professionals in this process.

The recommendation is to start your search for the best agent who can help you speed up the whole process. An expert will provide you with the best possible services and help you analyze the best opportunities for your work. There are different ways you can get dual citizenship quickly and efficiently. Here's a rundown on how you can get second citizenship in a fast and secure method:
  • Making Investment To Get Citizenship
    One of the fastest ways to get second citizenship is through investment. It is one method that gives you a chance to live, work, and study in any foreign country. Of course, you will see a fluctuating investment cap across different countries, but it commonly remains under $45,000 per person – or $100,000 per person for a halfway decent passport.

    The legal procedure is similar to that of a direct application for citizenship. But it involves investing as part of the application procedure. A well-known example is the 'Investor Program' in Spain, making it possible for a person to obtain Spanish citizenship by investing in certain economic activities.

    If you are looking for a good quality citizenship program, the best option is the Caribbean (Dominica, which starts at $100,000). Another great option for you in Europe is Malta, where the investment reaches a whopping sum of one million dollars. Whatever country you choose,
  • Marriage To A Foreign National
    One major way to immigrate and get faster citizenship is marrying a foreign national. Countries nowadays are more lenient towards marriage immigration. The reason is that it helps the country by bringing in new business prospects with high standards.

    Most countries require a minimum residency period of one year or two years before applying for citizenship or getting married. After that, you will have to prove that you're living together and intend to stay together as a couple no matter what happens in the future.

    This is faster than directly applying, which requires an application fee, a lawyer's fee, and your time. In addition, you will be in good hands with your legal representative because he will handle all the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Getting Citizenship Through Descent
    This is a fast and straightforward method to get you a second passport and can be acquired through your parents. Countries like Italy, Ireland, the UK, and many others have this option available to people; however, the requirements may vary from country to country.

    In certain cases like Germany, for example, there are three ways of acquiring citizenship through descent:
    • If your parents were German citizens at the time of your birth.
    • If you were born in Germany before January 1, 1999.
    • If you were born on or after that date, at least one of your grandparents had German citizenship.

      A country with a straightforward process to get your second passport is Ireland. Suppose you are an Irish citizen or can trace your lineage as an Irish citizen. In that case, you can acquire citizenship just by making an application with a little fee and documentation.
  • Naturalization
    This is the last but not the least way to get citizenship fast. Countries like US and Canada have this option available where one needs to spend at least five years of living there to apply for citizenship. This will help you secure your Canadian or US passport more easily. Other countries with this option are Australia, New Zealand, and many others.

    Have you ever thought about how do you get your second passport as fast as possible? Do you know that there are different methods to quickly get a second passport? Most countries today recognize dual citizenship, so it looks attractive from an immigration point of view if one has second citizenship.

    First thing first, are you eligible for your application? You should know the status or country you will be getting at the time of application for a second passport. There are certain ways to find out whether your application will be successful or not before spending money.
  • The Process Of Citizenship By Birthright
    This type of citizenship is obtained through birth within the country whose citizenship you wish to acquire. This gives you automatic citizen status, and you are eligible to hold positions or state office available for that country. Unlike other countries, this process does not require any additional procedures or documents as it is based on place of birth only. Here are some countries where you can apply for citizenship by birthright:
    • India (if mother or father is an Indian citizen)
    • Germany (the law in Germany applies to anyone born after January 1, 1999)
    • Ireland and the United Kingdom (if one of your parents is a citizen of Ireland and the United Kingdom, respectively)
    • Netherlands and Chile (in rare cases, if one of your parents is a Dutch or Chilean citizen, respectively)

      If you are traveling abroad a lot, another way to obtain a second passport is to sever your original citizenship and apply for it again. The steps involved here are similar to those of naturalization. But the whole process takes less time as there is no need to spend a considerable period in that state before getting a second citizenship. A good example of this would be Canada, which offers dual nationality and is one of the easiest countries for expert investors. However, you need to know the complete process of applying for a Canadian passport first.

How To Get a Second Canadian Passport?​

A Canadian passport will give you visa-free travel to many countries part of the EU. One of the best ways to get your second Canadian passport is an investment. You will not have to apply for secondary citizenship via your home country. So, it becomes your choice to get a second passport whenever you want and wherever you are.

There is no specific requirement or credential required in Canada by investors. The only requirement is that one needs to invest approximately $100,000 over two years (minimum of 1 year). If you are already living in Canada:
  • Those who have Canadian permanent resident status or their spouses can apply for Canadian Citizen by Investment.
  • Those who have enough time spent in Canada as long as they fulfill permanent residence requirements.
In either case, you will be required to pass a series of background checks. Once that is done, you can apply for Canadian citizenship and get your second passport. You will get your new passport within six months or so.
As a citizen of Canada, one can also live in Quebec without being an official citizen as long as they make their language test. If you live in Quebec and want to apply for Canadian Citizenship through Investment, then simply make the same investment but for $500,000 more than $100,000.

Process Of Applying Online For Citizenship​

There are many ways of applying for a second passport, but the easiest and quickest way to get your passport is by applying online. Applicants will have to fill out an application form, attach necessary documents and send them in. Most countries have a single online portal for application forms for their citizens. However, there are certain requirements you should know about before applying online:
  • Make sure that you are eligible for another passport as this might not be a bid deal if there is some kind of record on you that will make your citizenship application rejectable.
  • You need to decide which country you will be getting; this is important because some applications may only be accepted from specific countries. If a country does not accept applicants from specific countries, you might have to apply to a different nation.
  • You should double-check your documents and make sure there are no mistakes. When applying online, most countries will require you to pay the fees in their currency before making any payment online. Therefore, you need to check your bank account regularly for several days until you get the document.
Applying for citizenship online has emerged as the preferred option for many people. It's quick, intuitive, and cuts out all of the hassles of a traditional application. In addition, you can do all the work from your home, at your own pace, without waiting in line or filling out piles of paperwork.

Best Countries To Apply For Online Citizenship​

When you start looking for that perfect option for your second citizenship, you will be surprised to see how many options you got in hand. There are some good chances that you will get better results than expected. When you take help from experts in this field, they will advise you. If you are looking best countries to apply for your second passport, then you can try these below-shared options:
  • Canada
    A developed nation with so many opportunities for you and your business, Canada is certainly the top choice for second citizenship. Most of the countries in Europe welcome Canadian citizens with open arms due to their strong economies. With a plethora of job opportunities both in public and private sectors across the nation, you can't go wrong with Canada.
  • The United Kingdom
    This country is famous for its quality education and caring healthcare systems, and a high standard of living. With many types of jobs available, this country is one of the best options for second citizenship. One can obtain dual citizenship from the United Kingdom without any issue. Still, if you want to live there permanently, you will have to apply for naturalization, which will take about four years before getting your passport.
  • Peru
    Peru is an excellent option for second citizenship as the country has an investment-based system. In a similar way to Canada, citizens from Peru will be able to obtain this option without any problems. Applying for second citizenship can take approximately two years in this country, but one must apply for the citizenship first and then get his passport later.
  • Paraguay
    Paraguay is also a Latin American country with an excellent opportunity for citizenship by investment. Moreover, it's not too far from Brazil, which means you can enjoy proximity to other Latin American countries. Moreover, the country offers great opportunities for those wishing to live there permanently.
  • Argentina
    Another great option for second citizenship is the Argentine nationality by investment. This country offers dual citizenship without any registration in your home country and gives excellent shopping passports to their citizens. Although there are certain issues with visa-free movement in some regions of Europe, as long as you are okay with this, you can consider applying here.

    If you are looking for a second passport but have not decided where to apply for it, the options mentioned above are your best bet. However, all of them have different advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to analyze them before deciding.

Final Words​

Having second citizenship is like having another shot at making things right. There is so much out there waiting for you, and it all starts with your second citizenship. Don't get caught up in the feeling and make a random decision. You need to keep in mind that some countries are strict about their rules, so you should know it. Go through the information mentioned here to help yourself apply online for citizenship. After analyzing every option at hand and understanding the gravity of every situation, you will be in the best position to make a better decision.


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Argentine nationality by investment ? I really don’t think this exists. Argentina doesn’t sell their citizenship. You have to permanently move to Argentina and live there in order to naturalise - and even then it’s up to a judge. Maybe the permanent residency could be investment based but not the citizenship.

Peru is similar to Argentina, you cannot officially buy citizenship, you will have to become a permanent resident and after some years go in front of a judge. The permanent residency maybe is investment based, but the way it’s written it sounds as the citizenship is investment based.

Paraguay: the citizenship is not quick and easy and is not by investment. You need to live there for a while and have good legal contacts to even have a small chance to get it.

U.K.: naturalisation takes 5-6 years living there most of the year, not 4 years.
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Argentine nationality by investment ? I really don’t think this exists. Argentina doesn’t sell their citizenship. You have to permanently move to Argentina and live there in order to naturalise - and even then it’s up to a judge. Maybe the permanent residency could be investment based but not the citizenship.
are you sure? it may be the wording that is wrong, the outcome will be the same?

admin may kick the guy who made the article 's ass smi(&%


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are you sure? it may be the wording that is wrong, the outcome will be the same?

admin may kick the guy who made the article 's ass smi(&%
Yea I don’t think this is a thing. Maybe these lawyers manage the entire process. But it’s probably the same as you get your residency there and after some years of residency you apply for citizenship by naturalisation. You still have to go in front of a judge and they decide. To me citizenship by investment is more the Caribbean type streamlined process. No residency requirements ect. If you pay and pass the checks you get it. In Argentina you definitely don’t have that type of process. You will have to live there to qualify.


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True, very true.. but the outcome will be the same, just two different ways to get the citizenship. For someone that may actually want to live in Argentina it is a option to make use of. For someone out for a quick citizenship without hassle it may be the Caribbean he should choose and not Argentina.

The sentence need correction in the above article.


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Yea I don’t think this is a thing. Maybe these lawyers manage the entire process. But it’s probably the same as you get your residency there and after some years of residency you apply for citizenship by naturalisation. You still have to go in front of a judge and they decide. To me citizenship by investment is more the Caribbean type streamlined process. No residency requirements ect. If you pay and pass the checks you get it. In Argentina you definitely don’t have that type of process. You will have to live there to qualify.
You find similar misleading ads in many other countries. Argentina doesn’t have a citizenship by investment program.
These lawyers, at best, are just trying to attract clients. At worst, they are scammers selling a non existent program.
In Portugal, for example, plenty of firms misrepresent the Golden Visa as a citizenship program.