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Jun 13, 2010
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I would like to buy several anonymous cards for a considerable sum of money but I do not know what company to choose from, I have listened excellent comments about this company called Chase No-Bank, has anyone heard anything about them? I would like you to please help me choose

May I ask what the purpose is to buy such cards, tax evasion or a false believing that not one will be able to trace down the card holder?

From the 2 posts you made both mentioning "Chase No-Bank" is some illegal operation of yours, proof me wrong and I will eat my words!
About the purchase of those cards

The reason for the Purchase is traveling, 2 cards for $8,000 each. My credit is not that good and all my debit and credit accounts are frozen because of a problem with a Bank due to a mistake made by them (wont go into details), they just want to profit from people, sometimes in an illegal way, believe it or not, law is not the same here than in you country. I want to travel to the US to purchase some items to bring here, Latin America, now:

Restrictions at the moment of departure?

I can travel from El Salvador without any problems, got legal US visa and Passport.

How would I transfer the money to them?

By depositing the amount into a friends account.

When I looked for Anonymous cards, the first company listed was theirs and judging by comments at another forums, they seem to be the best option.

Now, if this involves to incur in illegal activities such as Tax evasion (on their end) , because here nobody cares, not even the Government who does it with more frequency, trust me, I Wont Do It. So please let me know if you know something about them and if this is not allowed in you country, thanks for you reply.


Will Castellucci

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