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Bold text and seo

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I'm not a SEO genius, so I would really like to know the answer to this too?

I believe it don't makes any different.
It doesn't make a difference, maybe once upon a time it did but these days you need to concentrate on title tags, page name, meta descriptions, h tags and more importanly well written relevant content - once you get all that in place you then need to concentrate on getting inbound links to your site, hope this helps.

Dave Ash

Web Marketing Advisor, SEO Company, Manchester
This is a great topic which I have been looking for, maybe some of the experts here can elaborate on some of the following points:

I read a great ebook on this topic which I tried to follow:

1. you must have a picture at the top of your page with the title to be your keyword

2. Your Title need to contain your keywords

3. Use only 3 h1 tags on every page

4. Your subtitles need to be in bold

5. metakeywords need to be just 4 of your main keywords

6. Meta Description need to be at least 500 characters and should contain as many of your kwywords as possible

7. You need to have a blog on your website and which is feeded with new articles each day, each article should be relevant to your website.

8. Submit your website to as many web directories as possible, only to directories which are relevant to your website.

9. Submit articles with only 1 link to your website at the end of each article.

10. Contact websites which are in the same industry as yourself, don't link with websites which are not in your niche.

Are those 10 statements true or are they just something nonsense?

I tried to follow those 10 steps and the result was no.1 on google for the first week, after that the site droped a bit but is still no. 9 on the page for the keyword.