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Cheapest way to transfer money from debit card to SEPA


New member
I am looking for the cheapest way to load money using debit card and then transfer it using SEPA.

Fees needs to be low, high or no limits and available to non EU citizens.

The ones I have found so far
Mistertango Charges 3% but they have a monthly limit of 2000Euros
Moneypolo was the one which had no limits but their fees is 4.17% and they are down for maintenance.
Leupay charges lowest fees but has very low limits.
Banks like revolut don't charge any fees but they don't allow non EU citizens.

Is there a cheaper way to do this?

How about opening a merchant account? But I need guidance on how to go about it.

Any help would be appreciated

P.S. : No I am not carding. I can provide all the proofs to the EMI/bank for showing the ownership.


New member
Based on that page they only allow to deposit money using bank transfer.
Do they allow deposits using card?


New member
Did you try advcash as an alternative to withdraw money directly to your credit- or debit card ?
I might have not explained myself clearly.
I want to load money to EMI using debit card so that then I can transfer it from EMI to the exchange using SEPA.
So I am looking for ways to reduce the fees spent in loading money to the EMI using the credit card.


Is it a one time load or it s for business ?

For example if you have only card , so open account at an Emi like transferwise, leupay, Mister tango , or many others , load your account and wire the money ( I don t really understand the problem)

If it s for business open a business account at Emi and use a processor like mypos Wich will allow you to make transfers or even you can cash out by cards. Or take another processor

I don t keep the point why you want to minimize so much the fees .


New member
It's going to be used multiple times.
The reason i want to minimize the fees is:
There is a certain price difference in cryptopia currencies on different exchanges. The fees eats into my margin. So i want to minimize that


New member
I want to buy bitcoin at lowest fees using my debit card.
All exchanges charge about at least 3% for depositing money using debit/credit card.
As all the exchanges charge about 3% so I am looking to load money using debit card to an EMI (at a fees less than 2%) and then transfer money to an exchange and buy bitcoins. This way I should be able to save 1%.
So I am looking for EMI with lowest fee rate for depositing money using debit card
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