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    i own a very large hosting business in the grey area, recently I moved to Malta and i opened also an MT company here. Now i found that its super hard in Malta to open bank account, but worked for me.

    But i do not want to work with MT company in the public on my hosting sites or websites, because I want to protect myself from unwanted lawsuits or etc.

    So I start another Belize company with the extact same company name and make a contract with the MT company, that the Belize company can use MT company for banking so the taxes will be on MT side and for the public, the responsible and liable will be on Belize company.

    Does my plan sound a good idea? Did I forgot something

    Also for me personally, i'm relocating my tax residence to Cyprus, again i make an company with the exact same name, to cover the international in the income tax, also because im doing Forex trading too. However I do not know if Malta or Cyprus is better for Webservices/Hosting Area. Next year, i will maybe opening a UAE company to hold the server hardware assets and for tax optimisation.
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    Hello @devnull ,

    Both countries are fine for setting up your web hosting/services business. However -- they are not ideal for the target you intend to achieve ("protect myself from unwanted lawsuits or etc.").
    As EU Country members, they have very strict KYC procedures which strengthen month by month.

    It's been a year or more that even the ideal company structures with clean Directors and UBOs profiles find it hard to open bank accounts.

    From your brief description of plans, we would suggest to look a bit deeper in Company/Bank Account setup in UAE rather than Cyprus or Malta.

    I hope that was helpful. All the best!

    P.S. If you need any recommendations for Accountants/Lawyers/Consultants in Malta or Cyprus feel free to send us a PM, we can recommend a handful of the best in each country.
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    Of course, i wanted to run it on the UAE company, which i was going to start. But today, the service provider suddenly stopped providing service and are not able to continuing, so my guess is that they got cold feet from my project running.. I will send you an PM.