Corporate/Business Debit Card for US LLC with Non-US resident owner & director

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  1. gambleforliving

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    Can anyone recommend an EMI/Bank/Card Issuer that would issue a Business/Corporate Debit Card for a US LLC (Non-US resident owner & direct).

    Best thing would be if the card has 0% on online purchases and allow loading USD directly via Bank Transfer. We are not trying to hide anything at all just want something to meed our daily banking needs and be able to pay expenses for advertising, marketing, SaaS & suppliers.

    What w’ve tried/considered so far:
    - ePayments.com - they do not issue Mastercards anymore unfortunately. They can not take or send USD transfers. They have no idea when they will be back.
    - LeoPay/LeuPay - they issue cards but do not accept USD transfers currently. They have no idea when they will be back.
    - Paxum won’t issue a corporate/business debit card. The card would be considered private/personal although you have a business account with them.
    - Netspend - only for US citizen being the director of the LLC
    - Still trying to get US Paypal verified in order to get a Debit card from them. Kind of last resort as payments to non US merchants have 1% fee. Not really sure I’ll manage to get it verified though.
    - Payoneer is not an option. They do not allow for you to fund your payoneer account using another bank account you own. They want money to come from 3rd party for services or sales you’ve done.

    Open to other ideas.
  2. auric

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    Interesting, if you find some you may post here otherwise I will be following this thread!
  3. David97255

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    Well I ll again advise Neat because of the loading by usd directly by wire transfer.
  4. dvm

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    Do they accept companies registered outside Hong Kong?
  5. David97255

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  6. gambleforliving

    gambleforliving Offshore Agent

    Regarding Neat - No USD currency so far. Everything gets converted into HKD and then a currency conversion fee is applied for each payment via the card.
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