EMI that take EFT and with prepaid card?

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by extremedox101, Sep 9, 2018.

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    it's getting hell in paxum ... cant get my card issued since 4 months i think they going through problems .

    i opened account with transferwise which i can use for EFT but i'm not eligible for Transferwise card . ( EEA only)

    how i can move money from paxum > EFT> card to withdraw cash? worldwide provider please .

    i may check with my local bank if it's okay to receive from transferwise but i can't live without foreign card.

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    Try Paysera
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    Usually there is no problem to receive payments to your local bank from Transferwise. I have seen this done many times without any question rised by the bank. So if you intend to send the money to your local bank so why not just ask your local bank for a Visa or Master Card ?
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  4. extremedox101

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    in most countries ... but even services operating online could be issue where i live .
    as for local cards the central bank block/permit spending outside the country based on mood.
    foreign cards give a lot more freedom , they are extra anonymous when i cash out too and with good limits.

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    btw, I've got my Paxum card last week, after 4 months...
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    thanks for letting me know :)