EMIs with US bank details


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Are there any EMIs/banks which offer US bank details (account number/routing number) other than TransferWise?

I currently have a TW USD account linked with my PayPal but I want a backup in case they close my account.

The business in question is low risk, incorporated as an EU company.


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Payoneer has those details, however I am pretty sure you can only receive payments from other Payoneer users or US companies. You can't deposit your own money in there from your bank account, but there is a "trick" that you can do to fund it via Paypal. You will need to ask payoneer support to provide you with a "community federal savings account" as the standard one does not work with PP.

official guidelines:
  • Only ACH (US local bank) transfers in USD can be accepted
  • Transfers must be made from a company account
  • Transfers from individuals will be automatically rejected
  • Wire transfers are not supported
  • Transfers made from a company account owned by you cannot be accepted


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Yes Worldfirst works.
Worldfirst World Account has US bank details (Citibank). It's comparable with Transferwise (no maintenance cost, no monthly cost) but requires more KYC (e.g. they phoned me) and when you want to transfer out it needs to be minimum amount like €200.


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Worldfirst was closing down US operations for US entities. If you are not based in US you are not affected. Simple.
Thank you very much for clarification. I just signed up and got an account approved. Was wondering if it was a waste of time if they close their operation.