EU VAT Question

Suzy Emerald

Building Trust

I have 2 straigh forward yes/no questions regarding VAT in the EU. I hope the answer is as easy as the question:

1. Is it correct that when I invoice a service from a EU company to another EU company I do not need a VAT number? s

2. After the Brexit: Do I need a VAT number when I invoice a service from a EU company to a UK company?

NOTE: I do not want to file for VAT returns for my EU company because I barely have expenses.


Building Trust
It's compulsory to give the VAT number on every invoice for a EU company.
Still, I like invoices without VAT numbers. The Indians and Pakistanis working for me do not have any, but those are very, very small invoices.


question one you need VAT number, you also have to make a monthly declaration with customs for the exchange with EU companies, even for services
question two sorry no idea how it is going to work out with the UK after brexit