1. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan New Member

    I want to know How much percentage should be Ideal website Design in between Content Vs Images ?
  2. AdamWFIFA

    AdamWFIFA New Member

    It depends on the type of website but it is always a good idea to try and present your information/content in the most visually compelling way.

    Users don't want to spend time reading paragraphs to fish out information - they expect information to be presented in a short, concise manner that grabs their attention. (This could make you lean towards using more images, icons, bullet points, straplines etc) Try to avoid using long paragraphs unless the type of website you are operating requires that.
  3. randiv

    randiv New Member

    I think It is totally depends on your business products or services, But for traffic both are very important things.