Important! Forum Rules!


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Marketplace Rules:
  • It’s allowed to place an Advertising AD in the marketplace forum as long as you are a member of the Mentor Group. The AD can be an IMAGE file, or a text AD, it’s up to you.

  • There is a setup fee as listed below, certain rules apply in order to advertise with us. You must be a member of the Mentor Group as already mentioned above.

  • Your AD will be removed at the same time as your mentor group expired and only be kept in the system for reactivation for 10 days, there will be a reactivation fee of EUR 75 – after the 10 days the ADD is lost and we can reactivate it but a new add is required which course a new setup fee to be paid at a reduced price of 50% of a new order.

  • Sticky Threads / Sticky ADD

  • Your ad can be made sticky for the fee listed below, we will only allow 5 sticky threads (to start with) at a time.

  • Above are simple rules and subject to be changed at any time on the sole decision of the forum owners.

Marketplace forum add setup fee EUR 600
Sticky thread per month EUR 15

Payment by PayPal or Bitcoins, you can use the contact page to order your ADD if you are a Mentor Group member.