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    Hello Dear friends i am from Azerbaijan and live at there in there play gambling(betting) is too hard deposit with bank transfer daily (1000euro),withdraw 10%tax.May you explain me easy way how i deposit/withdraw at there i opened another country bank account but when deposit/withdraw they blocked me about why your kyc is azeri,card is abroad.but maybe skrill or neteller allow it .Friends i am really happy if you say easy way.Thanks everyone.
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    No, i did not tried yet.The all betting sites and brokers they want kyc, my kyc is azerbaijani when i opens this bank accounts, can the betting sites block me?and maybe may i open these bank accounts, can i withdraw skrill to these bank iban?.skrill allow what you said? Thanks for kindly answers.
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    contact @auric if you have Money and he can provide you with ID that works for gambling and EMI account opening ;)
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    Dear friend its real id? maybe they block it if its fake true or false?