how to expand my business?


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I am running a small business, which is HK incorporation and tax in HK.

I only set up a company and deal with tax in HK.

but I wanna expand my business overseas with more countries and more tax havens.

I found this forum while googling regarding my questions, and that is
how I can possibly run a incorporation business in other countries like Cyprus?

Do I have to be there and open a company there?
will it possible even though I am an accountant there? ( I am eligible in hk)

I will really appreciate you guys help.

Thanks and looking forward to many replies!


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no! you can setup a Cyprus company remote.

what do you mean by incorporation business? go in details if you need help.

where are you an accountant?
thanks for your reply.

I mean, now my job is set up a company (corporate) in HK for ppl and deal with tax.
but i wanna do the same things for more countries.

for example, some of my clients ask me and want to open a bank account in Cyprus,
but i can't help them.

so what can be possible way for me to do the same business in Cyprus as im doing in HK?

I'm an accountant in HK.

I've seen many websites (companies) that setup and open bank accounts in so many countries.
Is this meaning that the company have all the branches in all the countries?


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Well you may simply contact some of the agent around in Cyprus and ask them to help you with the deal. How complicated can it be?!

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