i want to buy Verified accounts at LeuPay - Sata Bank - Wirex

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by System, May 9, 2018.

  1. System

    System New Member

    Hi guys , i'm interested to buy full verified accounts at LeuPay - Sata Bank & Wirex

    if anyone selling here please contact me

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  2. Rachel Brown

    Rachel Brown New Member

    First of all LeuPay is not sata bank anymore, second both companies do live chat verification or something similar to that nowadays, so it will be hard. I have accounts with both companies but they are aged and I dont have to go through such verifications, back in the good old days they were just passport and proof of identity. Remember the days when Wirex was E-coin and they gave free prepaid cards to all members without any verification, they were like that for an year or two.
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  3. System

    System New Member

    Hi Rachel , i know that they are not corporating anymore !!

    if you read my question , i said i need leupay AND sata bank AND wirex

    i'm in update of what's happen :)

    so i just need to buy verified accounts on those 3 companies

  4. theman78

    theman78 New Member

    How much are you paying?
  5. System

    System New Member

    offer me your price for Leupay account , and sata bank account , and wirex account & i'll see ;)

    i don't need only 1 account , i need a long term provider
  6. blizz

    blizz Active Member Mentor Group Entrepreneur

    LoL this is a typically way of spamming your service around! Such threads can't be good at all! it's a new member offering a new member some service :D
  7. happyjohn

    happyjohn Corporate Services Entrepreneur Business Angel

    If you find something that works for you please report here. I can take a few accounts too
  8. System

    System New Member

    Funny ! Ha Ha Ha ...
  9. System

    System New Member

    Yes bro , i'm still looking for someone who can sell me verified accounts :(
  10. blizz

    blizz Active Member Mentor Group Entrepreneur

    when you find please update the threat! I don't believe it's possible.
  11. System

    System New Member

    yeah bro im still looking .. i know it's litle hard for Sata bank & Leupay but at least i think Wirex is easy to get
  12. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    threat or thread ?ns3
  13. blizz

    blizz Active Member Mentor Group Entrepreneur

    It's a threat to all of us :D :D :D
  14. System

    System New Member

    please note we are here to buy or sell , if you want to teach the language , there are other places to do instead of commenting on this topic

    thanks :)
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  15. happyjohn

    happyjohn Corporate Services Entrepreneur Business Angel

    OP - you are still on the hunt?
  16. System

    System New Member

    yes i am :(
  17. ervikong23

    ervikong23 New Member

    Wirex has introduced Onfido facial verification software.
    Now it's almost impossible to get verified, unfortunately.
    I would love to have a Wirex verified account, have their virtual card and fund it by BTC
  18. System

    System New Member

    lol yes , my friend used his real ID & his face & they told him it couldn't pass , stupid system ever . . .