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Goodmorning everybody,
You guys, saved me many times, so I decided to return the favour.
Hoping to be helpful to you.
DISCLAIMER: This is not an accusiation, it is just an objective report.

Many of you may already know Ibanera. A new lithuianian bank.
Altough Lithuania is a great place for banking, you should always be cautious with who you trust with your funds.

So Ibanera is part of UAB Phoenix Payments, a company registered in Lithuania with company code 304920426 and with registered address at Mesiniu g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania.
UAB Phoenix Payment is an Electronic Money Institution (EMI license No. 40) founded just on the 20.11.2018.

What made me suspicious from the beginning:
  1. Offices: altough the company is registered in lithuania, none of its employee seem to operate from there. The costumer support answer from South America, this confirmed by one of them.
  2. Verification process: Ibanera is one of the few EMI that does not require Video verification. This immediately sounded very fishy to me. So much that i try to apply with an evident fake identity. I was approved straight away. This could sounds very good, but it does not when your fund get freezed.
  3. The CEO. This was the most important detail wich lead me avoiding this EMI at all cost. The CEO of Ibanera is Bjoern Snorrason. A person wich some of you may remember. Snorrason is a billionare from Iceland. Before founding Ibanera he was running two scamming operations: CCNow and Dalpay, two CC gateways. Dalpay was CC gateway operating from 2007 to 2017. During this period a selctive scamming was conducted against its clients. Reference: (https://www.cardpaymentoptions.com/.../threads/did-anyone-used-dalpay.468599/page-2). CCnow was also a flourish CC gateway operating since 2013. Things were going great until 2017, when Snorrason aquired it. From 2017 to 2019, like with Dalpay, a selctive scamming was operated against its own clients. Reference: (CCNow, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile).

To finish: the past of person does not define its future.
Anyway, I would not trust with a single penny a new Investment fund by Bernie Madoff neither after he spent its 150 years in jail.

Therefore I hope to have been helpful.


Thank you for the warning dear Saudi friends.

It is indeed strange and your points seem to be true.
https://www.similarweb.com/website/ibanera.com shows Guatemala as country with most visits. o_O
Same tool shows Lithuania or UK for similar EMIs

So... Icelandic guy with no-KYC payment processor in Lithuania operating from Guatemala. Maybe you are not his target customer. ;)

Martin Everson

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Ok so we know their potential target business model. Allow people who can't really go to the police if money gets frozen to open an account put in the dirty money and then freeze and keep it. If they ask for it back I guess then they will make ridiculous KYC demands and hope you just leg it and leave the money.

P.S Its a very old Swiss banker trick for cash deposits ;).


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And they have just started a wallet in Singapore they claim. They were refused principal membership by MC/Visa/UPI on KYB grounds a little bird tells me:)))


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Do you know if they are in business after all? I think I found them incident and now I read this thread!
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