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    Hi I am busy looking into Immigrating to Panama and could do with some advice. I am looking to relocate the the something known as the " Friendly Nations" visa process. I believe that it is a relatively simple process and not too costly either. While job opportunities are fairly limited and local salaries are not great there are certainly opportunities to set up a new business. One of the advantages of operating a business from Panama is that like Hong Kong you are only taxed in Panama on business income generated from doing business in Panama. Please can somebody in this group please confirm this for me. If there are any other sources of research on Panama specifically about the cost of living, setting up a business, doing business in the region, setting up a bank account and also possible business opportunities in Panama and the region at large.
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    Welcome aboard :)

    There was used to be a few guys around here on the forum that provided such service, I have pinged them, let's see if they want to join the thread.
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    Hi Admin, Thanks for the welcome although it's more like Welcome back. Thanks for an excellent and extremely interesting platform even though I may not comment much I read the content almost weekly.
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