Importance of Backlinks for Better SERP

Discussion in 'SEO and SEM discussions' started by JessicaJohan, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan Active Member

    How much Importance of Backlinks for Better SERP nowadays, please share your view ?
  2. negon

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    If you get high qulaity backlinks and a lot of Social media attention your site will perfom good in the SERP's if you spam your website with shit links and alot of crappy social media work your site will be sanboxes and never see the light of the sun again!
  3. JessicaJohan

    JessicaJohan Active Member

    OK, Got It, But I just want to know how to define "high quality backlinks", please share your view ?