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Important Paysera New BIC


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Dear Customer,

please be informed that such payment has not been received. Please specify the information with the payer, because money will be sent back of incorrect Swift code EVIULT21XXX who was closed from 2020-06-09. All payments must be made by Swift code EVIULT2VXXX.

Have a nice day

I have an open payment and money now is lost. Sender is Sparkasse Malta (Sportmarket.com)
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Try to contact the sender and tell them about the issue. They can contact their bank. I'm sure at this point the bank has received them. The problem is that returns in many banks don't automatically return to the sender account, but the banks return/error account. They then need to manually put them back into the sender's account. Often it comes with a fee...


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Thank you for your email.
Our bank accounts are checked several times per day in order to monitor all the transactions in and out and rest assured that we would notice if the funds did arrive to us. Regardless, we will contact our bank in order to get input on the situation and if there are any news.

We will keep you posted if anything does happen in the meantime.
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