Incorporate under own name or use decoy?

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I'm starting an offshore company and currently contemplating if it's a good idea to incorporate the business under my own name or use a decoy. I want to a sell wallets from China and sell them to European customers. However, it's illegal to sell these products in Europe due to patent.

The problem I'm facing:

- business activity legal in country of incorporation
- considered 'illegal' in EU countries we do business with
- country of incorporation has private register, so UBO does not appear in public register
- no bank needed; CRS avoidance
- data leakage from private register could mean prosecution for tax avoidance and patent infringement charges.

So the question is: real ID or docs?
The downside of real ID is prosecution in case of data leakage.
The downside of docs is termination of business if someone ever finds out due to post-verification process and possible risk of losing funds.

Any advice?


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You won't get an answer here, the nature of your question makes it impossible to answer here without to violet the forum rules.

Open the thread in the Mentor Group and I will guide you through as well as a few other forum members in the same business!

Otherwise you may consult a Trust in order to see what chances you have to get your money under management with them! It's not going to be cheap, most charge an establishing fee and then a percentage of each amount you transfer + you need to give instructions to them each time you want the money to be routed around.

rsa pgp

thanks for the answer.

I'm aware of the forum rules and know what you are referring to.
I'm pretty straight forward with this: if you think I need docs then you can pm me. If you think that the answer to my question is a little more complicated than that, you can just say so and I will upgrade.