[Learn] Complete NOOBZ Guide to Competitor Link Research! You want top rankings right?

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    You want top rankings right? If you Google your main keywords do you want to be in those top few positions? **** yeah you do!

    Today I am going to dive into a topic that is so basic yet nobody does it.. I?m talking about competitor link research. You are never going to out rank your competition unless you see what they are doing and then do it better. How else do you think our team at RankUsNow and my other services are so successful? We don?t rank our clients on top by just blindly creating links like many ?SEO gurus? do.

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    The Author of this site is also offering a service, SEO Link building and has a good track record, I didn't tried his service yet because it seems just too expensive and can be found cheaper and better with some of the other providers at BHW.
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