[Learn] Parasites PWN! - Leeching From Authority Sites = $$$$

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    You've all heard the news right!?... BH SEO is dead right?.. SPAM is dead right? You can't make fast money with SEO anymore right?... WRONG!!... It's never been so alive and it's never been so easy either..

    The problem with you kids today (the majority of you) is that the Google propaganda machine has got to you and corrupted your weak mortal minds, it has somehow managed to infiltrate it's way onto this once glorious BLACK HAT SEO Forum we call home, all too often now I'm seeing my BH brothers regurgitating and repeating Matt Cutts utter bullshit on threads here, the more sheeple that spread this misinformation the worse it gets, like a fucking domino effect and it's sad to see. The fact is folks BH SEO is very much alive and in my honest opinion has never been so much so...

    Over the next few weeks/months I'm going to be sharing some BH SEO content, stuff I use personaly, some theories and anything else I think could be beneficial to someone at least hah, my hope is this will spark feedback, twists and get others sharing/talking about actual BH SEO ranking/banking methods.. - I will talk about some of my actual campaigns, I will give you pieces of the puzzle but I will not spoon feed you..

    Today I will be talking about "Parasites" and how I use these little babies to multiply the numbers in my bank account, I'm surprised there is not much talk about these on BHW at the moment as they are hot stuff right now and they've been around a very long time used in one form or other by SEOs, lack of chat here might be due to their effectiveness and guys banking not wanting to talk..

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