Limitation of SEO and SEM

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Search Engine Optimization and Marketing strategy is a clever way to list the site on the first page of reputed search engines like Google, yahoo and ask etc. I have seen many sites which are ranked well in search engines but the contents of those sites are sub standard. Openly speaking, SEO is an organic and artificial way of increasing the popularity of a website. It has certain limitations. Do all of you here agree with me?
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Limitation of SEO

I think no one is perfect in the ever challenging technology of SEM and SEO. Some time expert make very silly SEO mistake either due to miscommunication or carelessness. If you want to place your website on top position you will have to avoid such silly mistakes There are few common mistakes that people always make during search engine optimization. (1) Each & every page should be optimised in accordance to a particular set of keywords which are most relevant to the content of the page. Many SEO stop doing the optimization as off page optimisation. It is an ongoing process. Each & every day more and more competitors competing high tanking position . If you are complacent then very soon your website will be kicked out from the top position. The home page of website plays a vital role whether it is for SEO or any other purpose. Always try to avoid having splash page for website but you can use a flash banner to give the site more attractive look.


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Here I'm also sharing with You some Of The maine

Difference Between SEO and SEM

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dealing with natural (organic, algorithmic) results in various search engines. Its main goal is to achieve high rankings in search engine result pages (SERP’s) for targeted keyword or key phrases. High positions will bring traffic to the site and possibly turn visitors into customers.

SEO is long process, you can not do seo in 5 minutes. It’s constant process, evolving with time thought analysis, changing market and competition. It takes time to establish a brand, gain inbound links, trust and targeted traffic to the website. But the outcome of seo process is long lasting, or at least should be.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) on the other hand is a greater sphere than seo. SEM consists of SEO, paid placement (PPC) and paid inclusion.

In some cases you have to pay to be included in search engines indexes or pay for showing your ad in the ad network based on click value (Pay-Per-Click) or other method.

SEM incorporates various Internet marketing techniques which use search engines as an advertising medium.


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Many online users are confused between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO is a way of optimizing your website through the use of meta tags, title tag and contents of the website to get good listing on organic search engine results, in major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or MSN.

Search engine uses a system known as ‘spider’ to crawl out data from the website to determine how relevant the website content is to the keyword search. There are various factors, such as content, the relevance of websites back linking to your site and your meta tags, which will determine how your website will be ranked.

However, there is a no guarantee way of getting listed top in search engine results and it takes time and effort to make sure that the linking and content is suitable. This usually takes months to be effective provided that you really understand how the search engine determines their organic result ranking.