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List of Offshore Bank Accounts with remote opening without introducer


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Anyone have experience with Bank of Asia (BVI) ?

Caye International Bank: can't get any money out since months because of missing correspondence bank
Europacific Bank: Asking tons of documents for transactions - impossible to use for day to day banking
Paxum Bank: No Reply
Capital Security Bank: Replied 1-2 times and then never ever again after sending them personal documents!
Hermes Bank: Website Offline
Boslil: Heard several times they only accept St. Lucia companies nowadays - anyone with experience?

Cim Banque , Dukascopy , Ameria Bank - decline offshore companies


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I would like to add two more banks that open personal accounts remotely: Credicorp Bank from Panama and the group of First Caribbean Bank.

They are no the best but at least are two more options.


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I opened one with credicorp bank remotely, what I mean with that is because they are slow when you asked them something or try to do fast movements, they are like old school banks and I use the account only to have money in a different bank (less than 10k).

I don’t have an account in first caribbean bank but a friend of mine does and he says the same: they are slow when you asked them something


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Coming from a country where the concept of introducers is non-existent, I've always wondered what the point of an introducer is? What do they actually do?


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thy get a percentage fro mthe banks as long as the introduced customer is a client of the bank ;) I don't say there is something wrong with it but people may want to know that.


True, but not all banks give a recurring commission. Some give a fixed fee for each placement. Some give nothing.

But we all have mouths to feed... And yachts to buy. ;)


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Okay guys there is nothing wrong in the commission they pay to their introducers and as @Sols pointed out there is a good reason for why the banks are using introducers.

Martin Everson

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Is Paxum bank good option for a HK LTD Company? Can you elaborate on what kind of problems they can cause in the long run?
KYC problems in long run. Go through their KYC process and you will see why. If the bank wasn't so new and had a little bit more than just a shell Dominica banking license it would not matter.


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it remains to find a bank in Europe, (except Germany) that opens an account while I live in Panama

Thanks a lot for this list.
Has anyone had experiences with the remote opening of an account with National Investment Bank in Mongolia? Their Website is not very self-explanatory and their email form is only in Mongolian... maybe anyone has an email address of their support?

Dorothy Atwater

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I wanted to make a list of banks separated from the one that @darkster did for just banks with remote opening without introducers
anyone here is free to give us more banks where opening an account could be posible:
  1. Ameria Bank – Armenia - Ameriabank
  2. Caye International Bank - Belize - International Banking – Belize Offshore Bank
  3. Europacific bank -Puerto Rico - Euro Pacific Bank - Puerto Rico offshore bank
  4. Paxum bank - Dominica - PAXUM BANK LIMITED
  5. Bank of Asia - BVI - Bank of Asia (BVI)
  6. CIM banque - Switzerland - CIM Bank Switzerland
  7. Dukascopy - Switzerland - Dukascopy current account
  8. Capital Security Bank - Cook islands - Capital Security Bank
  9. Hermes bank - Saint Lucia - Hermes Bank
  10. Boslil bank - Saint Lucia - Boslil Bank Limited
Thanks. I'd like to report, though, that Europacific Bank is a scam! I had an account with them in the past. What an expensive nightmare!


Thanks. I'd like to report, though, that Europacific Bank is a scam! I had an account with them in the past. What an expensive nightmare!
In what way did EPB scam you? What criminal, fraudulent activities did they engage in against you?

Dorothy Atwater

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This list isn't 100% up to date, some probably aren't considered "offshore" enough, and some are only for personal accounts or savings accounts, but here are a few more:
Can anyone find an email address for Lloyd's bank? I've been all over their web sties and the only contact option I've found other than telephone asks for some sort of "sort code." Thanks!
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