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Looking for help. need offshore VPS in Sweden


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120 gbs of disk space, Linux. + Secure SSL Certificate - Sweden server location.
After searching in google I discovered: Warez-host.com offshore web hosting accounts.
They seem to be good by I wonder if they are the only providers? Should I stop or continue the search?


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Hostsailor.com and asvhost.com are the best hosting companies in Europe to have a deal with.
They are the only web hosting companies that are web hosting and support that our website need. Also, they provide a 24/7 support service.



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Warez-host.com is one of popular offshore hosting sites on the net. They announce good plans to their visitors which eventually lure them in. The thing is, this decent host does really give you that much space.


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I'd like to point out that warez-host.com consist of professionals. Server locations: Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria.
It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.
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