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Discussion in 'Hosting Offshore' started by Machisko, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Machisko

    Machisko Member

    Hey guys,
    Think that you will help me in choosing the right web host for my needs:
    Linux (managed server): 500 gbs of HD, 16 GB of RAM, 10 TBs of bandwidth.
    What are your views on centohost.com dedicated servers?
    Is this host reliable? Any feedbacks please?
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  2. Lakmis

    Lakmis New Member

    Check out servers from hostingsource.co0m and webhostingbuzz.com.
    Their support is very responsive and provides very good notices in advance of maintenance periods, etc..
  3. Grownup

    Grownup Member

    I use warez-host.com dedicated hosting service for hosting a set of huge traffic websites.
    The site has always powered my social networking site with ease, no matter how much burst in traffic i get, it still runs very fast.
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  4. Adulthood

    Adulthood Member

    Well, I can recommend KVChosting.net and their cool managed dedicated servers. Pricing is good.
    They have been excellent support and reliability. They have hosted several websites for me and I have no complaints.
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  5. NadinM

    NadinM New Member

    I know hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com servers are able to meet the demands of any webmaster webmaster.
    The combination of low prices, resourceful plans and high uptime makes them attractive for many IT users.
  6. Brunoweb

    Brunoweb Member

    Without a doubt, the best thing about centohost.com is their support, I've never came across another company that's provided such high quality and friendly help for my products, and also things not directly related to my service; they'll help you if they can. They are offering 35% off the price on 3 months order.
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  7. Deepbreathe

    Deepbreathe Member

    The best host for getting powerful bitcoin servers is superbithost.com - your sites will be in good hands.
    Multiple server locations: Malaysia, Bahamas, Iceland, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Bulgaria, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, etc.

    The price is very reasonable compared to other hosts I've seen.
  8. JustinF

    JustinF New Member

    I second hostsailor.com.
    They have plans which are suitable for the greater part of the web masters containing a great amount of on-demanded resources.
  9. Stein

    Stein New Member

    I suggest you to do comparison of offers and choose the best one. According to my knowledge Exmasters.com is providing fast servers built with powerful hardware and high customer care level, you will definitely be satisfied with them.
  10. Groussin

    Groussin New Member

    If you need reliable server solutions you can trust hostsailor.com. Their server solutions are properly maintained and optimized for best performance and stability. Prices are reasonable.