managed unmetered dedicated hosting service?


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How is managed unmetered dedicated hosting service?
What are your views? What host would you choose? Why?
Require hosting account with: helpful customer support 24/7,
3 TBs of Hard Disk, 36 TBs of bandwidth, Linux, The UK.
Any discounts or promos?


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Give a try. You can get great servers, features, prices and reliability from almost any provider but what differentiates them is their attention to the customer and this web host comes top of the list when so many others fail to do even the basics! They have their own DataCenter located in London, the UK. really nice web host.


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Go ahead, have a great list of powerful server packages at reasonable rates.
The thing that really has impressed me is the willingness of the support staff to take the time to explain things to a newbie who asks very basic questions.


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You can check other companies as well:,,,
I think that comparision with as many as possible hosting companies will be the good option.


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Their support is top notch and there services & pricing were easy to understand. service allows for easy setup of websites and emails, modifications, and monitoring through their control panel user page.


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The best dedicated servers are available from and
They are great. Easy to use. Great customer service. You can call at anytime and get help. Simple cheap awesome. Nice job!