My SEO method to rank my websites in the top 20 on Google quickly

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What you are about to read is something which has worked perfectly for me and my clients for quite some time.

Step 0: Stop focusing on your "EXACT KEYWORD." Focus on a "LONGTAIL keyword" first
Suppose that you want to rank for the keyword "dating tips."
Ranking for a keyword like "dating tips" is going to be hard, and therefore- I will stop thinking about ranking the keyword "dating tips" ~ Instead, I will focus on "ranking a longtail keyword."

For example:
If I want to rank for "DATING TIPS," then I will ignore that keyword, and instead- I will work on a longtail keyword such as "dating tips for men."
Reason 1 for using a longtail keyword: Ranking this longtail keyword is EASIER than ranking the main keyword.
Reason 2 for using a longtail keyword: If you can rank your website for "a longtail keyword," then there are good chances that google will start ranking your other "broad keywords" eventually, too.

Step 1. Publish 5 "longtail of longtail articles" + Publish 5 random topic articles On your website

If I want to rank for DATING TIPS, then I will ignore that keyword and will work on a longtail keyword such as "dating tips for men"
If "Dating tips" is my MAIN keyword, I will call "DATING TIPS FOR MEN" a longtail keyword.

NOW- I will find "some longtail keywords" for my "longtail keyword."

For example:
Here are some longtail keywords for my longtail keyword "dating tips for men"
Dating tips for men over 50
Dating tips for men over 40
Dating tips for men from women
dating tips for men by men
dating tips for men dating older women
Online dating tips for men (I will NOT use this keyword)
Successful dating tips for men (I will NOT use this keyword)

I have written 7 keywords above. From those 7 keywords- I will pick "first 5 keywords" and I will NOT pick last 2 keywords....
If I already have an article on my website for the keyword "Dating tips for men" then It will NOT make sense to write an article on the last 2 keywords (from those 7 keywords).

Now I will simply tell my writer to write 5 articles for those 5 different keywords, and I will publish those 5 articles on my website.

I will also tell my writer to write 5 more articles on various other "niche-related keywords."
For example:
I can provide keywords like these to my writer -->

Flirty first date questions
Should I date him
Second date etiquette
What does a second date mean to a guy
Is dating a girl with a kid a bad idea

NOW, I will publish these 10 articles on my website.
So in this step- We found "5 longtail keywords of a longtail keyword," and then we wrote 5 different articles for those 5 keywords and published them on our website...
In this step- We also published "5 more articles" on our website using other keywords.

If you continue the above written method for 1-2-3 months (and do absolutely nothing else) then there are high chances- you will get good rankings EVEN WITHOUT ANY BACKLINKS.

I have a detailed case study that proves the line U just read.

STEP 2: I will make 20ish backlinks. 10 Backlinks for "dating tips for men" post using "longtail keywords." Other 10 backlinks for "different 4 pages" of my website

NOW- You should get 10 backlinks built for your "dating tips for men" post URL. Get these backlinks built using "5 longtail keywords " U had found earlier in step 1.....
Apart from that, you should get another 10 backlinks built for "different 4-5 posts URLs" of your website.

So in this step We are basically getting 20ish backlinks built per month.
Make sure to create backlinks using brand, generic, random anchors too.

Step 3: Continue step 1 and step 2 for 3-4 months, and you should be happy
NOW simply continue STEP 1 and STEP 2 for a few months, and you should be happy. You should be able to see better results in as little as 1 month only.
At least I did see all my 3 websites in the top 20 in "2-3 months," only following everything written above.

1. I've seen that most clients spend a lot of money on backlinks but not on articles. DO NOT DO THAT.
2. Finding a good article writer for cheap is not hard.
(If you have no idea where to get cheap articles, hit me up, and I'll direct you)
3. Always remember that- SEO is something- which must be done regularly. You must post "new articles" on your website every month. You must make "new links" for your website every month.
This is really fine to make 50 backlinks this month and only 5 backlinks next month but never- ever ever ever- stop doing "new links" and "new content" for your website every month.
"New content" and "new links" will do nothing but only help you grow a website.
4. If you are making backlinks, then make sure to index those too. Doing "social media votes" for your backlinks is an easy and fast way to get them indexed.
5. I've made backlinks like web2.0, niche forum posts, discussion websites posts, guest posts, EDU, Wikipedia backlinks, social profiles, niche relevant comments type backlinks. Backlinks like these always help me secure the top 20-30 quickly.
I never do "PBN backlinks." According to me- the final result of "pbn backlinks" are nothing but DEATH for your website.
6. Once I rank in the top 20- I stop doing links like web2.0s, and instead, I focus on outreach guest posts, news, magazine links only.
7. If you are ordering a link-building service from someone- make sure to give him "at least 5 different URLs" from your website. Google hates to see all your backlinks coming for only 1-2 URLs of your website.


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Hi buenosdias,

SEO noob question here, when you repeat these steps for the following month do you write more articles for long tail keywords of Dating tips for Men.

Or do you write for other keywords.
I have a multi niche blog, fitness,health,DIY. Should I focus on one niche, or can I switch niche every month?


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This method works really well to get a topical authority. Can you hit me up? I would like to know how to get cheap articles


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Good post for a newbie that's fresh to SEO

Going for keywords with less competition makes earning a penny a lot easier.
That penny will motivate you to go for a quarter.
That Quarter to a dollar.
Dollar to $10.... $10 to $100 and so fourth

Cool post.