1. Timo

    Timo Active Member

    Neteller and Skrill send Mail to all customers that they can closed accounts whenever they will. I have the Mail only in German so i will not post it here.
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  2. aplusbangla

    aplusbangla Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I did receive their mail, from both of them,, lastly skrill made massive change and many updates in their privacy policy, nothing is good, I start to feel using skrill/Neteller is a waste of time, they are too late with crypto and many EMI offers much better services, skrill is a old school and maybe will die following some old fintech websites..
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  3. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel

    Skrill and Neteller has both been used for gambling and that's what they made a big business from. Time has changed and there are way better solutions.
  4. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    You guys have probably no idea what kind business hides behind Skrill/Neteller - they were here as the only option for more than a decade. There are millions of accounts connected with poker, sports betting, casino-like gambling and forex - an gigantic economy. Their services are slow, old school and can't compete the new sharks in the business - however it changes nothing on the fact that they are very reliable (for legit activities) and will be here for a long time.
  5. KJK

    KJK Building Trust Mentor Group Entrepreneur

    It's not like they couldn't do it even before... now they just sent some useless email, possibly to weaken bad PR that may be coming if they keep getting worse and worse.

    They aren't just "late" with crypto, they are completely useless with crypto as well. Their "crypto" trading offer has ridiculous fees and it is not truly free cryptowallet where you can withdraw and deposit. The only thing you can do is to buy and sell INSIDE of their platform, pay them huge fees whilst not being able to deposit/withdraw crypto from/to elsewhere.

    I cannot complain about them being unfair for now, I have a verified account without limits, they even didn't ask me to go through the new tightened identity verification.

    Yes, they were popular in some areas such as gaming and financial because other providers (credit cards, Paypal) didn't want to deal with it as they allow refunds which Neteller/Skrill doesn't have.

    There are many things to hate...

    Their prepaid cards have so low limits they aren't worth it. Neteller only allows you to add one bank account; Skrill allows withdrawal to country X only in national currency of country X unless you get an exception which they don't give much anymore. Their regular customer support is a completely useless bunch of mentally challenged people probably based somewhere in India who behave like robots who cannot do anything; so your best chance is to be a VIP and go though their VIP support which isn't exactly "VIP" but at least it somehow works.

    Now they are just waiting to slowly die.
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  6. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    with Diamond VIP status you can have anything you like - otherwise I agree with what you've posted
  7. aplusbangla

    aplusbangla Building Trust Entrepreneur

    ive many fully verified skrill/neteller accounts, but they are useless, I don't know use them anymore for anything, alot of alternative services offer better service and with more option for half of the price.
    Anyway I keep the accounts, maybe someday they woke up before it is too later and switch their efforts from PR and fb ads to better services and innovative.
  8. Admin

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    Do you have a copy of that mail you can post or point to such statement somewhere?
  9. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    This is what Neteller have sent - Skrill pretty much the same:

    We are contacting you to let you know that we are making changes to some of the NETELLER Terms of Use that govern our relationship with you and the way we provide the NETELLER Services.

    The changes will come into effect on March 13, 2019.

    You can view the new NETELLER Terms of Use by clicking on the link above. We have also taken this opportunity to provide you with a summary of the changes below.
    1. NETELLER Service Fees
    The following change shall apply to the service fee referenced in the NETELLER Terms of Use:

    Your NETELLER Account is free for personal use as long as you login or make a transaction at least every 12 months. If you don't do this, a monthly service fee of USD 5.00 (or equivalent) will be deducted monthly from the funds in your Account.
    1. Termination or suspension of your NETELLER Account
    We may now suspend your Card and/or your Account or otherwise restrict its functionality where we reasonably suspect that another NETELLER or Skrill account held by you has been used for any fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorism financing or other criminal activity.

    These changes will come into effect on March 13, 2019 and will automatically apply to the services NETELLER provides to you. Your continued use of the NETELLER services after March 13, 2019 will be taken as your acceptance of the above changes. Please get in contact with us should you need further information.