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New way for webpages instant crawling or indexing

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Any New way available for webpages instant crawling or indexing, please share your view ?
If you are using WordPress there is a plugin called "Instant Indexing for Google" By Rank Math, I am using this together with their other plugin "Rank Math SEO", and I am very pleased, everything works exceptionally good.


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Any New way available for webpages instant crawling or indexing, please share your view ?

Is this for a site you own, or one you have access to Google Search Console for?

If so, are you looking to get pages indexed in bulk, fast, or one-off ones?

If not too many at a time, hit-up Search Console, inspect the URL with the page inspector, pull the latest version, and submit to the priority queue.

If in bulk, you can TRY the Google API for indexing. Note: It's only MEANT to be used for specific types of pages (jobs etc) - However... numerous tests have shown it to work for any page. Not sure if this has changed since I last looked at it though. Here's a link: gogole api fast indexing at DuckDuckGo

Some of the fast-indexing WP plugins use this - or one does at least, from memory.

Other than that, the old-school pinging sites & whois / website value sites CAN work.

Or if a site you care about - pop an industry news section on the site, grab a cheap writers to re-write the news quite well, make some fake author profiles (vary the article author, the go for Google News approval. Hint... you can backdate WP posts, so make it look like you're one of the first sources for the news. Slightly 'black hat' in a way, but works, I've done it in the past - so I guess I should say USED to work, but not tested recently). News approval is stricter than it used to be, but not THAT strict ;)

Benefit of being news approved? Traffic. VERY fast indexing of news posts, with internal links to your 'money' pages = fast indexing, traffic, bank.

Just my two pennies worth ;)


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For me, I can index a page in a matter of hours to minutes depending on how busy Google decides to be.

I do it using 3 things.

1) Having a very decent website Health score.

What this means is having 0 4xx errors, canonicalized URLs & 301 redirects, and making sure as many linking backlinks are as close to your canonicalized domain as possible.
Health also comes from having good On-page SEO, which I can go into depth but I won't. There's plenty of guides online that can walk you through on-page SEO checklists.
Having good webpage speed and responsiveness. That means making all pages mobile responsive, and make sure you compress 100% of your items in Gzip.

Doing this will make your website buttery smooth for Google to crawl, and it will make the crawl duration much faster too, which means Google will understand new pages very quickly and accurately. , and if Google has a good time crawling your site, you can expect that it will also prioritize your website for future crawls too.

2) Submit new pages to Search Console

These days it's more of a placebo affect, but it does prioritize which page Google will crawl first when it next enters your site with its webcrawler. You're basically saying to Google "don't forget my new page" even though it probably wouldn't miss it anyways.

3) Use Structured Data/Schemas for both site-wide and page-specific.

This one is super neat because it has more benefits than simply indexing your pages faster. It helps Google understand your entire website and it's pages long before it even starts a new crawl. You get to dictate to Google what it is you do, and Google is very trusting of Schemas at the moment. So take advantage of this and add them to your site.

Yeost SEO plugin in Wordpress does this automatically, as well as other plugins, but I find their Schemas lack diversity in pages as it just uses the same schema type for each page you make. I would actually suggest turning it off and deploying schemas manually via GTM. Doing it via GTM saves your site from bloat code, and it gives you control over what page, or range of pages, get which schema type.

If you're not a coder like me, you can make customized schemas online. I have two go-to's, one is Schema Generator by MERKLE. Another is Steal Our JSON. Both are great ways to either use JSON templates or generate a JSON code according to the type of page and business/product you offer.

I can't vouch for Indexing plugins in WP, I never used them. But doing the above is not only for faster indexing. You'll end up with a much more organic website with these things in place as well.
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