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@Fred is UAE visa stamping on passports stopped or not? In April they said it's going to be replaced with Emirates ID...?
From Immigration Authority point of view yes however most banks for Business Bank Account still require it stamped. 99% of the people require bank account and therefore we still stamp the Visa.
***** NEW UPDATE *****

✅ The company was incorporated on time as promised and no hidden fees.
✅ The visa was approved as promised.
✅ We visited Dubai for medical test, signature and etc. Dubai DLS PRO assisted us as promised.
✅ The personal bank account was opened directly in Dubai and I received the physical identity card.
✅ We just got acceptance for the corporate bank account. We need to fly back to Dubai for the final signature.

My final opinion is that I recommend DLS Dubai.

DLS Dubai and Fred make sure everything runs smoothly. That's why you should choose it too.

Thanks again for everything.


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I would not regret a second to go with Fred and his service if I had to setup a company in Dubai. This guy is doing an outstanding work.


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Review for DLS DUBAI:

Was sourcing through some service providers(some more known on internet some not so known) and clicked into this forum and found DLS Dubai services. Had a zoom call with Fred and had a good chat about DLS and what they can offer and how things will proceed. Was convinced and paid the fees and DLS team got to work.
Company formation was quick and here I was with paperwork and licensing for my business setup in no time. Next step was to travel to Dubai and have the VISA essentials; MoA signs, medicals and ID done. That was easy with excellent PRO from DLS. Business bank account was next and that was delivered also(approx. 1-2 months). Business bank took the longest however that is completely understandable and I was not in hurry since I moved to Dubai and things always take time if they are properly done in first place!

All in all excellent service from Fred and DLS team! Fred has excellent knowledge about Dubai/UAE and how things work here, which was big factor since this place is constantly evolving.
Big thanks to Fred and DLS team for everything so far!

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