Noob Question: Why should I need Offshore Company?

Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by velututax, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. velututax

    velututax New Member

    I am noob here.
    Let me understand:
    - If I am entitled to pay taxes in my country then why would I also create an offshore company?
    - The only benefit I'll get is the offshore company will cover myself? And protect my own bank assets?
    - What about going with dark docs and bank acc's and get it by myself without a company?
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  2. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    there are many reasons for why you want to do that. One is privacy and asset protection!

    not allowed to be discussed here, requires mentor group access.

    There are + and - for darks and offshore corps. I have both and enjoy my privacy!
  3. undercover

    undercover Offshore Agent Mentor Group Entrepreneur

    What business are you into OP ? what is your budget and what are your goals?
  4. diablo

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    second that?
  5. hiju

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    there is no reason for why you should or should not incorporate a company offshore. The question is why you want the company to be offshore? and what is your business activity and what's your goals?

    There are a lot of question you need to ask your self before you setup a company regardless if it is offshore or onshore!
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    did you find the answers to your initial questions or still looking ?
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    That to be answered would require you to signup for Mentor Group access!

    If you are still around it would help all of us that try to help you if you could answer some of the questions ;)
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  8. hiju

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    You can simply signup for Mentor Group and get that information within seconds. Has been around there for a long time.