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Hi all,

I have a few colleagues and friends, mainly from Israel and Russia who have expressed interest in moving some or all of their finances offshore, the vast majority of them are completely clueless as to how to start and have turned to me as I have worked in Hong Kong and have offshore bank accounts and companies in both Hong Kong and the UK, and are willing to give me a commission deal as we've known eachother for years and there is plenty of trust already. Who knows, through them maybe I can find others interested in the same.

My question is, what would be best to offer and what can I realistically offer them with little connections in the offshore world, and is it at all worth it to act on their behalf (power of attorney etc) for a commission?

Any advice or help in services will be much appreciated. I won't lie, a big reason for my interest is that I am looking for an excuse to visit Hong Kong again!



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Can I recommend you to not do it for a little commission and a free ticket plane?


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Are they planning on being the directors or they want full privacy and therefore a nominee director? What other services do you need in the company? i.e. virtual or real address, accounting, mail scanning etc. etc.

To answer the question in short as they are HNWI they are probably ok to give you a nice commission, but the starting point depends on what they need. In general for less than 1k a year you can probably give them a full package key ready (except for the nominee director), from then, your cut is up to you and them?